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May Kicks Off National Water Safety Month

With the summer season nearly here, May kicks off National Water Safety Month.

National Water Safety Month is a joint effort of the American Red Cross, The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the National Recreation and Park Association and the World Waterpark Association.

As we begin opening swimming pools and visiting area lakes, remember the pool safely program.

“Understanding the risks associated with being in and around the water and the steps parents and children should take – from learning to swim to learning CPR to knowing the five steps of water competency — is crucial. National Water Safety Month helps communicate this important message,” said Nichole Steffens, Aquatic Product Manager, American Red Cross.

water safety

Let’s all vow to pool safely this year. Below are a few tips that can help keep friends and loved ones save this summer!

1. Stay Close and Be Alert: Be alert, in close proximity and never leave a child unattended. Designate a WATER WATCHER! Pick up your Free Water Watchers Hang Tag at any of our three Ultra Modern locations!

2. Practice Water Safety Skills: Learn how to swim and teach your children to swim. Take a life-saving/CPR class.

3. Use Appropriate Pool and Spa Equipment:  Install a fence in your yard around your pool and spa. Maintain covers in good working order. Use life preservers!

Take the Safe Swimmer Pledge

Here’s the Safe Swimmer Pledge for children to take and sign. Click below to print copies for your next pool party!

To be a safe swimmer, I pledge:
To never swim alone
To never play or swim near drains or suction fittings
To always dive feet first
To always obey the pool rules


Download the Safety Zone Coloring Book

This coloring book, for children ages 4 to 7, teaches water safety in a fun way.


Longfellow’s Whale Tales Program

What’s better than learning about swim and water safety? Learning about it from a fun whale named Longfellow. These short, educational videos teach children everything from why it’s important to swim in pairs to how too much sun is no fun.