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Backyard Blogging.

Memorial Day Game Ideas

Looking for the perfect weekend games or Memorial Day game ideas? Stop by and pick one up today before your holiday party! We love Bulz Bucket and Lighted Bocce!
Let’s meet these super fun games!

bulz bucket

Bulz Bucket

Bulz Bucket takes Hacky Sack to a new level!

With three scoring tiers, partner assists, money bags, and collapsible design, your options are endless. Bulz Bucket brings a new gaming experience to your outdoor fun! We can safely say it’s one of a kind!

Elevate your party’s backyard fun to the next level with the most exciting and interactive yard game available.

Often called the next generation cornhole game, it combines cornhole with hackysack. Partners help score by hacking the bag into the three tiered bucket. Make the bucket for the most points – save the dotted bag for last!

What’s more, the buckets do float in the pool for extra water fun!

Your family and friends will enjoy this bullseye toss game. Competitors of all ages will appreciate this game, and it will keep your family entertained for hours! Includes two targets and six hacky sacks.

Lighted Bocce

Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Amp up the fun with this lighted Bocce Ball game! What makes this game so fun is players can play during the day and the night because the set lights up!

You can roll or toss the ball with precision even when the sun goes down. The bocce balls light up with a luminescent glow. All you need to do is flip a switch on the ball. It’s powered by a strong LED light.

This game is good for hours of family fun even in the the dark.

Recommended for ages eight and up.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to game ideas! Stop by today and pick up one of these games for hours of backyard enjoyment!