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Backyard Blogging.

Mix It Up When It Comes to Your Outdoor Room

It’s time to talk about your outdoor room!

Wood with metal. Wicker and teak. Mixing and not matching is the latest trend in outdoor spaces.

We encourage our customers to focus on pieces they like and not spend so much time trying to make it “matchy-matchy.” This is how you create your own personal style in your outdoor room.

There’s never been a better time than now to pick up some outdoor living furniture for these beautiful fall days and evenings!

In this article, we look at how to mix it up when it comes to your outdoor room. It doesn’t have to be scary or daunting with these tips!

Choose Three Finishes

To give your outdoor room a cohesive, pulled together look, try to stick to no more than three finishes.

Vary Your Seating

When it comes to your dining seat, you can play it safe and choose all the same chairs. Or, you might accent your table with a couple different styles. The key here is to stick the same color scheme. You might also choose several different styles from the same manufacturer.

Mix It Up

Choose a Color Palette

In the same way you chose colors for your living room or bedroom, you want to pick a color palette for your outdoor room. Mix it up and add complementary colors such as blue and yellow or green and salmon.

You might also bring your indoor color palette outside if your rooms flow naturally together.

Mix Shapes

To mix it up even more, you can intersperse different shapes in your outdoor room. Think  square and round or oval. Or, find pieces with interesting detailing.

Add the Final Touches

Embellish your outdoor room as you would your indoor space. Add plants and floral arrangements. Include pillows, carpets, candles and decorative table items. Mix color with patterns with florals and stripes when it comes to your accessories!

Play with your creativity to get just the look you want. And remember, your outdoor room is an extension of your home’s interior, so you can always make it flow well together!

When it comes to the finishing touches, let your personal style take over.

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