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Backyard Blogging.

Planning Your Labor Day Party

Labor Day Weekend is almost here! It’s time to throw the ultimate pool party in your backyard – one your guests will remember!

Throwing a backyard pool party is a great way to celebrate Labor Day. Since this September holiday is all about celebrating the hard work that people in the United States contribute each year, take this day to relax by the pool with friends and family!

Take Care of Your Pool

  1. Bring us a water sample. We’ll run it through our complimentary ALEX system, and it will tell you just what you need in your pool.
  2. Make sure your pool water is balanced. Add sanitizer, water balancers, water clarifier, and chlorine if necessary.
  3. Look over all your pool floats and toys. Come see us if you need to replace them, or if you’d like a few new ones!
  4. Clean your pool. Brush and vacuum it and get rid of debris. Let your automatic pool cleaner do the hard work. Come see us if you don’t have one.

pool party

Follow these steps when planning your Labor Day party:

  1. Choose a theme for your Labor Day party. Shape your decorations and your menu around the theme. If you’re choosing a red, white and blue theme, save money by bringing out your 4th of July décor, or use red Valentine’s or Christmas items.
  2. Don’t forget outdoor lighting if your party moves into the evening. It will add a fun ambiance.
  3. Bring out some bug spray or have some citronella candles. We have several mosquito fighting tools – stop by to check them out!
  4. Decide whether you’re providing all the food, or if you’ll have guests bring something. If you’re hosting a potluck, you can specify what you need or let your guests bring what they want.
  5. Send out invitations. You can always send them by email or an online invitation service to save paper!
  6. Don’t forget dessert! This is one area you can be creative – create a dessert that goes with your theme. Red, white and blue desserts are always fun!
  7. Create a fun drink for your guests. Mix up some punch and garnish it with skewers of blueberries, strawberries and star shaped pineapple.
  8. Clean your grill and make sure you have enough charcoal or wood chips on hand.
  9. Create a playlist that encompasses festive, fun music you think your guests will enjoy.
  10. Have extra towels on hand for those who forgot them.
  11. If children are at your party, have a fun selection of pool toys, bubbles, balls for games, etc.
  12. Provide lots of water and sunscreen. Remember – guests can still get sunburned on a cloudy day! Add shade options with umbrellas placed around the pool.
  13. To conclude, take the time to plan your party so everyone enjoys a good time and a safe time. Pick a Water Watcher. This is an adult in charge of watching the pool, especially the children playing in it. Stop by one of our three locations and pick up your Water Watcher tag. We recommend changing this adult out frequently so you have fresh eyes watching the pool.

pool party

Provide Comfy Areas by the Pool

Remember that not everyone wants to swim, so you want some comfortable spots for them to relax. In addition, your avid swimmers also need a place to dry off and eat.

Create some cozy areas for conversation that are set up for ease of eating.

Get creative, too, and provide a fun area for the kids to hang out when they aren’t in the pool!

At Ultra Modern, we stock the very best outdoor furniture! Stop by and let us help you refresh your outdoor living area, deck, and patio!

Final Thoughts on Your Labor Day Party

For some of your guests, this may be their last chance to hang out around the pool, so let Ultra Modern help make your party a success!

Finally, do you need more seating? Want to spruce up your patio? Looking for a new grill? We can help. Stop by one of our three locations and let us help you outfit your backyard.