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Backyard Blogging.

Planning Your Next Vacation…Right at Home

Every year you plan a vacation, and as the cost of gas and travel increases  in 2022, you may be looking for something other than travel by plane, train, or car.

What’s more, vacations are fleeting. The perfect backyard retreat is with you for as long as you own your home. You can make memories year round instead of one week per year.

So, what if you created a perfect vacation spot right in your own backyard? As an added bonus, you can enjoy a staycation in your dream backyard every day of the year!

Let’s look at planning your next vacation spot – your incredible backyard!


Barrier Reef Whitsunday Pool Lifestyle (4)

Make Your Backyard More Inviting

Does it ever feel like life is set to fast forward? Do you feel like technology is taking over? Are you one of the many Americans suffering from stress and lack of sleep due to the pace of everyday life?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to plan your next home style staycation.

A long, out-of-town vacation might not be on the horizon for you and your family, and let’s face it, sometimes we even need a vacation from the vacation!

So, let’s relieve the hassle of traveling and plan your new backyard vacation. You can set up your backyard so you can take a mini, stress-free vacation every day or at least every weekend!

Here’s how you can create great family memories with a permanent “staycation” and outdoor oasis right out your back door! Let’s plan your next vacation…

Spring Cleaning the Hot Tub

Install a Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

Above ground pools provide the joy of pool ownership without the hefty price tag of an in-ground pool.

Plus, our Intex, Doughboy, and Embassy pools come in a variety of shapes, and some even allow a seven feet deep swimming area. Complete with lifetime warranties, our attractive designs will match your unique style!

If your ideal backyard includes an in-ground pool, we have the solution! You’ll find inground pools in many different sizes, styles, and prices points. What’s more, you’ll find inground pools that can be installed completely in the ground, giving you that in-ground look for thousands less!

Don’t forget the hot tub! They provide you year-round stress relief and many health and wellness benefits.

Hot tubs are a superb place to begin the day and unwind at night. You’ll sleep better and feel better!


Lounge in Comfy Outdoor Furniture

Set up your dream outdoor living room. Provide tables for al fresco dining, comfy chairs for relaxing, sofas for a cozy bedtime reading nook and lounging!

You’ll find it all at Ultra Modern with our vast selection of outdoor living furniture.

Create Ambiance with Fire

A fire provides great ambiance and enjoyment. Think about adding a cozy conversation area complete with an outdoor firepit. You’ll transform your outdoor space into something extraordinary!


Designing Your Outdoor Space

If you’re ready to create your new backyard and plan your next staycation, stop by one of our three locations and let our expert staff get you started.

Our expert team is here to help you create the perfect outdoor room complete with outdoor kitchen, grill, tables, chairs, sofas, and more. We can help you pick out the perfect hot tub (choose from multiple sizes and price points!) as well as above ground and inground swimming pools.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling!