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Backyard Blogging.

Should I Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen?

How’d you like to keep the entire meal outdoors right in the middle of birds singing and the ambiance of nature? Cooking in your backyard is like having a vacation every day.

In this article, we ask and answer the question, “Should I invest in an outdoor kitchen?”

The Alfresco Trend

Today’s homeowner wants to feel relaxed at home. They also want to extend their living space into their backyard with an outdoor room.

This is where the outdoor kitchen came from. The trend continues to grow from year to year as homeowners realize the joy of spending more time outside. Let’s look at a few things to think about when considering an outdoor kitchen.

Can You Afford It?

The price of an outdoor kitchen can range from under $1000 (a grill and some accessories) to $10,000-$50,000 for a full on outdoor kitchen. The higher cost is from the installation of electric, gas, water and plumbing lines. The cost may also include building materials, storage, a refrigerator, and a grill.

Will You Get Your Money Back?

If you sell your home, will you recoup your investment by installing an outdoor kitchen? Well, it depends on who you ask. You’ll find many sources saying you can expect a return on your investment between 55%-200%. This depends on where you live, what you use to build your kitchen and the appliances you choose.

Can You Enjoy it Long Enough?

One of the biggest things to consider is how long you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen in your climate. For example, in Wichita, you can expect to use your outdoor kitchen for the better part of three seasons. So, the ROI (return on investment) is pretty good.

You can always extend the use of your outdoor kitchen by adding heaters or portable air conditioning units.

What Features are You Looking For?

For example, do you want a refrigerator,  counter top work space, a dishwasher, gas lines, granite countertops, a sink, built-in grill, a pizza oven and extra seating, or are you looking for something smaller?

You want  to consider your budget as well as the amount of outdoor space you have. Then, you can start designing and choosing your features.

Final Thoughts

So, should you invest in an outdoor kitchen? If your budget allows for it, and you have space in your backyard, then, yes! It is a great investment in your health, wellness, family time, and ultimately your home’s worth.

If you are interested in exploring your many options, we are your outdoor kitchens and can help you set up your dream backyard! Contact us today!

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