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Should You Shower Before Getting Into a Pool or Spa?

Many people wonder if they should shower before getting into a pool or spa. They see signs around public pools and spas and wonder if the same is true for the home pool or hot tub. Generally speaking, the answer is always yes. We bet that most people don’t take advantage of rinsing off or showering before getting into a pool, and hardly any before getting into the hot tub. And we get it. Why should you shower first? It turns out there are several important reasons.

#1: It Removes Contaminants

As people go through their day, their bodies accumulate things like sweat, oil, lotions, shampoo and conditioner, perfume and cologne, and even environmental pollutants. So, when they get into a hot tub or pool, these contaminants enter the water.

This can cause water contamination and even issues with pool chemicals. Plus, it’s a little gross, too! You want to get rid of anything that’s on your body before getting into the water.

#2: It Helps with Maintenance

Did you know that lotion and body oils can create a film on the surface of the water? This film can affect water clarity and potentially clog your pool filtration system.

In addition, some contaminants can make it necessary to clean your pool or hot tub more often.

Should You Shower Before Getting Into a Pool or Spa?

#3: It Makes It Safer

If someone has a lot of lotion and oil on their body, and it comes off in the water, it can make the surface of the pool or hot tub slippery. This, in turn, may cause a fall.

You can avoid accidents by showering first!

Final Thoughts on Showering First

Well, you can see that showering before you get into a hot tub or swimming pool is a good habit to try.

It’s better for you, and it’s better for the people you are soaking or swimming with.

Take a short shower to rinse off before you jump in, and everyone will feel better!