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Swimming is Moving Meditation

Complete quiet. A cocoon of water. Repetitive motions. No digital distractions. Gentle movement.

All of these are going on while you’re in the pool which leads many people to say, “Swimming is moving meditation.”

Swimming is Life-changing

If you’re looking for a life-changing form of exercise that is equal parts health, wellness, and meditation, than swimming is the sport for you.

Swimming is the ultimate form of exercise and relaxation. When all you see is the water around you and the bottom of the pool, and all you hear is the quiet pulsating of the water, you’re instantly in your own cocoon. This creates a meditative effect.

Swimming is not sitting still meditation, but it’s moving meditation. You enjoy the benefits of stillness while moving in a steady rhythm.

Meditation requires a form of deep breathing in a  repetitive pattern, just like swimming. What’s more, you’re repeating the same movements as you swim over and over allowing you to enter a meditative state.

You notice the life-changing effects after swimming several weeks in a row. You can escape into your swimming zone while letting all your cares fall away.

If you want to improve the meditative effect, use these tips:

Slow Your Swimming Down

For part of your swimming session, slow it down. Don’t hurry through your exercise session. Let time slip away and practice your breathing while swimming so that it becomes a repetitive, not labored action.

Think About Your Exhale

Since you’re slowing down your swimming, you can concentrate on your breathing and your exhale.

When you’re swimming freestyle or breast stroke, release your breath through your nose and not your mouth. You’ll find this also helps slow your swimming down.

Get Into a Mindless Rhythm

Once you are practicing slowing down your swimming and breathing out through your nose, let everything else fall away. Envision yourself swimming through the water like an adept dolphin. Your mind should be free of all cares as you gently, methodically swim through the water.

To Conclude

Not only is swimming a powerful, calorie burning exercise that’s easy on the bones and joints, it’s an excellent form of moving meditation. You can practice this in your inground swimming pool or Endless Pool and experience more health and relaxation every day.

At Ultra Modern, we care about your wellness. If you don’t have a pool, you’ll find many options! Stop by one off our three locations today or contact us below to learn more.

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