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Temperature Control in the Big Green Egg

Wondering about temperature control in your Big Green Egg? Here’s how…

You have total and precise temperature control right at your fingertips in your Big Green Egg.

By simply and easily adjusting the patented air-flow controls, you can grill, smoke, and bake your food at accurate temperatures.

Knowing that the precision temperature gauge is made in the USA gives you confidence that the temperature is accurate to 750°F/ 400°C.  We bet your indoor oven can’t even match this exactness!

Because of the temperature control system in the Big Green Egg, you can cook in every season (Yes! Even in the winter.) and every weather condition – even in the snow and rain.

The Egg’s high-tech ceramic composition ensures it will endure and maintain extreme temperature differences irrespective of the weather.

Please note – we do advise you to close your unused EGG. Please don’t allow rain or snow to enter the cooker. If the inside of your Egg does get wet, burn off any residue or moisture by drying it out completely and lighting a small amount of charcoal to no more than 350°F/ 177°C.

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