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Time to Test Your Hot Tub Water

Did you know it’s time to test your hot tub water?

Your hot tub water needs to be tested regularly, especially if you are actively using it or having high bather loads.


How often should you test it? The frequency depends on your region, weather conditions and how much it gets used. For example – the more users, the more you test.

A good rule of thumb for most people is to test the water four to five times per week,. Use a good quality test kit to ensure your water is safe and clear for all your soakers – friends and family.

Adding Chemicals

It can be extremely challenging to add chemicals to a smaller body of water because adding too much can cause major shifts in chemistry.

You want to make sure you accurately measure any chemical youuse based on the gallons of water in your hot tub to prevent equipment damage or skin damage.

A special note when adding chemicals – if you add too much acid, and if it’s not properly balanced, it can ruin your heating element.

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