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Water Balance Saves You Money

Great water balance and filtration can save you thousands of dollars!

Let’s look at the true value of water balance and filtration. It might seem like we prescribe a lot of products for your pool. We want you to know we only prescribe products to help you: products that help extend the life of your liner, automatic cover and equipment.

For as little as an extra $50/season these products extend the life of your liner, cover and equipment by up to five years! Here’s how water balance saves you money:

Replacement Costs

The average life span of most pool products is 5 – 7 years. Here’s an average of current replacement costs:

1. In-ground vinyl liner replacement cost is $3000 to $3500.
2. If you have a plaster pool, set aside a yearly reserve for a plaster replacement. It costs more than the cost of a vinyl liner replacement.
3. Auto cover replacement costs $2500 – $3000.
4. Non-Variable speed pump replacement is $750 – $1000.
5. Heater replacement is $3000 – $4000.

The total cost for these replacements is $9250 to $11,500.

Proper Water Balance

With proper water balance, you can get up to 10 years of life from your liner and automatic cover.

Using the total of $11,500 to determine the cost per year for pool component, divide it by five equals a cost of $2300 a year if you have a five-year product life. Divide this cost by 10 if you achieve a 10-year product life, and your cost of ownership goes down to $1,150 per year.

With exceptional pool care, some components will last more than 10 years. Each year you extend the life of your liner, cover (if you have one) and equipment, you save about $1150. A few extra quarts of products are worth every penny! You also save the cost of refilling your pool. Plus, pool down time is less often with longer product life.

It’s great to conserve a natural resource making you a good steward of our earth!

If you’d like to talk more about how water balance saves you money, stop by today and talk with one of our expert water care professionals! With two locations in Wichita (east and west) and one in Derby, you’re sure to find a store near you!