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Water Care Wednesdays: Meet Ariel

Enjoy this video series called Water Care Wednesdays with our General Manager, Chris Mansfield. In today’s episode, learn about Ariel, our pool cleaning robot!

Meet Ariel

Don’t want to skim the leaves anymore? That’s ok! Ariel can do it. This solar powered robot charges during the day. At night, she runs around and skims the surface of your water, clearing out all the debris.

She has sensors and lights, so you can see her running. What’s more, Ariel won’t bump into anything and damaging it.

It’s also safe, and you’ll be overjoyed that this pool cleaning robot keeps your pool crystal clear and clean!

Watch the Video

What Can Ariel Do?

Turn on, drop in, and go. With a single button start and no plugs, you can easily start cleaning your pool.

Fully solar powered, Ariel has a powerful backup battery. You’ll find the robot will run 10 hours or more with a single charge.

When you’re doing, simply take Ariel out of your pool with the a no-slip ergonomic handle.

It’s also super simple to empty Ariel. The cleaner has a slide-and-glide tray that removes quickly to dump debris collected from your pool. You have nothing to throw away except the gunk.

Ariel smartly navigates the entire top of your pool avoiding obstacles with her intelligently built sensors. Ariel travels 10 – 20 feet every minute and virtually avoids ever getting stuck.

This robot is eco-friendly. Because she’s solar powered, you don’t have to worry about hurting the environment. You’ll use less electricity while removing pollutants from your pool.

Final Thoughts

One button turns Ariel on and off! We want to help you with your pool care. Be sure to stop by and pick Ariel up today!

Check out our video series every Wednesday on Facebook where you can find informative tips for all your pool care needs. You can also find these videos here on our blog under “Water Care Wednesdays” and on our YouTube channel!