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Backyard Blogging.

Where to Place Your New Hot Tub

You took the plunge and purchased a new hot tub. Or, perhaps you’re getting ready to add wellness to your life with a new spa.

Either way, you want to make sure you put it in the best spot. Let’s look at where to place your new hot tub.

Leave Room for Walking

Make sure there is enough room to walk around your spa. Minimum recommended spacing is 18 inches.

We also recommend that you leave no less than 24″ of space at the front of the spa to gain access to the motor compartment.  If you build a step or entry system in front of the spa, make sure that it is removable in the event that your tub needs servicing.

Allow for Cleaning

If you are planning to place your spa up against a wall, keep in mind you need to empty the spa and move it out twice a year to treat the wood exterior. This will vary according to the environment.

Check Electrical Outlet

The electrical outlet for the spa can be no closer than five feet and within sight of the tub, according to the National Electrical Code. Your spa also needs to be at least ten feet away from overhead electrical lines. See your owners manual for further electrical guidelines.

Room to Take the Cover Off

If you do not have a cover-lifter, make sure you leave enough room to completely take your cover off and store it when the spa is in use.

Note: Lines drawn on the diagrams to the right indicate cover hinge points.  If you have a cover mechanism on your spa, you will need at least 24” overhead clearance and 10 to 24” clearance at the back of the spa to open your cover.

You also need 3-4” extra clearance on the sides for the cover lifter mechanism. One side will also need to be accessible to use your cover lift.  Remember to leave extra storage space for the cover.

Look at Your Outdoor Room

Consider placement of your spa with other items you may have such as: furniture, outdoor kitchen, grill, etc.  We invite you to stop by any of our stores or call one of our sales professionals to schedule a site visit to help you plan the perfect backyard.

Need help? We are glad to provide assistance with your perfect backyard! Contact our staff today!

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