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Backyard Blogging.

Why Wings are the Perfect Game Day Food

Do you love chicken wings? Is the sauce your favorite part?

During football season, and certain during game day, wings are the centerpiece of most meals. In this article, we look at why wings are the perfect game day food.

Wings are Easy to Eat

Let’s face it, no one wants to eat with a plate, knife and fork during game day. If they did, they might miss something!

Wings are the MVP of many game day functions because they are a delicious, filling, finger food, and they’re simply easy to eat.

What’s more, you probably don’t want to be working away in the kitchen making a meal for a crowd. You want to throw your wings on the grill and forget about them, until your Traeger grill says they’re done.

Not only are wings easy to seat, they’re easy to cook, and they’re even easier to serve. Just dumb them on a plate, put them down in the middle of your crowd, and let your guests dig in.

Why Wings are the Perfect Game Day FoodEveryone Can Choose Their Own Flavor

While you can certainly put one sauce on all the wings, make your game day party extra fun by letting your guests sauce their own. Some people may choose to leave them as is while others want to get creative.

Grab some squeeze bottles at the store and label them with different names. Then create your own sauces to put in them. Consider buffalo, sweet, Cajun, mild, hot, or a classic blend for your bottles. Be sure and try the Traeger recipe in the photo – it’s one of our favorites!

Wings + Football + A Winning Combination

Experts expect more than 1. 4 billion wings to be eaten during the big game in February. That’s a lot of wings, and it’s a tradition as long as football fans can remember.

So, it stands to reason that most of the people you know are eating chicken wings on game day!

Final Thoughts

Now you know that serious football watching is nearly always accompanied by serious plates of chicken wings.

We really think there’s no better food to serve for your game day watching! Be sure and check out our recipe archives on our blog for a few chicken wing recipes!