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Your Pool After the Snow

We just got a lot of snow, a bit of ice, and a lot of cold weather, and more is on the way next week!

We all know that Kansas weather is unpredictable and, at times, vicious. And the last few storms have been nothing short of freezing, icy, snowy, and not a lot of fun.

Pool maintenance in the winter and after a snowstorm is different from what you’d do after a rain storm. In this article, we look at what to do with your pool after the snow.

First, though, let’s look at what you can do before the storm:

Prep for Winter Storms

You want to properly winterize your pool for winter well before temperatures drop below freezing. Here are a few steps to take. If you have questions please let us know, or you can let us close your pool for you.

  • Brush your pool.
  • Balance your pool water.
  • Bring us a water sample to see what you need to add.
  • Raise your chlorine levels to a high ppm.
  • Add your winter chemicals to keep your water clean, clear, and healthy all winter.

Cleanup After the Winter Storm

You may have ice or snow on your pool cover, even if you have a mesh cover.

If you have ice on the cover, this can cause you problems as it’s heavy and can make the cover tear. Yet, if ice does accumulate, don’t try to break it up or remove it in chunks. If you do, the ice may tear your cover because the ice is sharp. You want to wait until the ice storm is over. If you can, let the sun melt the ice. Then, you can use a pump to drain the excess water off your pool cover.

In addition, you don’t want to walk on your pool cover if it has ice or snow on it. Even if it looks frozen, it may not be, and it’s not safe.

A little snow on your pool cover is okay. But if you have upwards of six inches on your cover, you may have issues with the weight of it.

First, you don’t want to walk on your pool cover with snow on it. Even if it looks frozen, it may not be, and it’s not safe.

If you have snow on your cover, you can try to blow it off with a leaf blower after the storm passes (don’t use a shovel). This is generally easier with light and dry snow. If the snow is heavier, wetter, and deeper, you can try to use a soft push broom to get it off. You could also use a leaf rake and a long pool pole to scoop it off. You can also wait until the sun melts it.

The bottom line when it comes to snow – try to get as much extra weight off your cover as you can. You may then wait until the rest melts and use a cover pump to remove the water.

TIP: keep your water level up in your pool. This way, if the ice or snow gets heavy, they meet water and not an open space, making the cover more likely to rip.

Final Thoughts

You can always stop by, call us, or contact us below if you have any questions. Our service department is well-equipped to first, close your pool for winter, and second, attend to any issues that may arise.

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