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10 Tips for Using your Hot Tub in Winter

Winter in Kansas comes and goes, but this year it seems to have it’s grip on us. But, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself inside.

For many, winter hot tubbing is the best time of the years. Let’s look at these 10 tips for using your hot tub in winter to help you beat the winter blahs.

Why soak in the winter?

While some people drain, clean, and “store” their hot tub away during the winter, it can be complicated and time-consuming to do so.

Often, it’s better to keep your hot tub running. The benefits for the hot tub and for you are amazing. When you soak in your spa in the winter, you experience:

  • The ability to be outside and enjoy the scenery while you are warm in the cozy cocoon of your hot tub.
  • Cold weather hydrotherapy is good for you. If you work out outside during the winter, your muscles and joints can be cold, leaving you prone to injury. Consider soaking in your hot tub before you exercise to help you warm up and have a safer workout. Plus, soaking after your workout relaxes and soothes your aching muscles and joints.
  • Winter fun – your hot tub is a great place for socializing and having fun with family and friends.

Now let’s look at the tips for enjoying your spa in the winter.

#1: Buy a Good Cover

You want a hot tub cover that’s well insulated and has a tight fitting seal. This helps your hot tub  maintain a constant high temperature, even when the weather is bad.

#2: Monitor the Water Level

You want to check your water level frequently and add more as necessary. If the water level falls too low in cold weather, the components may freeze, which could damage your hot tub.

#3: Keep the Water Clean

Make sure you clean and maintain your water and filters according to your usual schedule. Simple problems can become more complicated to fix in subzero weather.

#4: Change Your Water Early

If your tub is due for a scheduled water change during winter, it’s a good idea to shift it to earlier in the year. Changing water while the outside temperatures are low is challenging. There’s a chance of water freezing and damaging your spa.

#5: Turn Down the Jets

Use the jets less than you would in other seasons, and don’t forget to turn them off when not in use. The jets work by blowing air into the water, which can lower the temperature.

#6: Be Smart About Soak Times

The longer you stay in your spa, the higher your body temperature climbs.

While it may be tempting to linger in the comforting warmth of your hot tub when the outside air is cold, try to limit your soak time to about twenty minutes Moving from extreme heat to extreme cold can place dangerous stress on your body.

#7: Stay Hydrated

It’s always important to stay hydrated when you’re using your hot tub. During the winter, you may want to drink warm or room-temperature beverages while soaking to keep yourself hydrated while combating the cold.

Since alcohol can increase the effects of dehydration, it’s best to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages in your spa.

Hot tub in winter

#8: Have a Plan for Retreat

Cold weather can be dangerous, particularly when you’re wet and wearing a bathing suit.

When you’re done soaking and leave the protective warmth of your spa and face the icy winter air, make sure to immediately shield yourself from the cold. Keep a bathrobe and shoes or sturdy slippers nearby, and get indoors as quickly as possible after leaving your hot tub.

#9: Vacation Without Worry

If your winter plans involve travel, rest assured your hot tub is fine without you. Consider adding Connextion™ from Hot Spring® Spas, a subscription-based service that remotely monitors your hot tub and alerts you and us to any potential issues, no matter where you are in the world.

#10: Enhance Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Use accessories to add warmth and comfort to your outdoor hot tub environment in the winter.

Consider adding heat lamps, a towel warmer, or a weatherproof rug to protect bare feet from the frozen ground. Just make sure all electrical devices are either battery-operated or are placed far enough away from your hot tub to avoid electrocution.

Final Thoughts

If you have questions about spa care or maintenance, we are always here for you. Please feel free to contact us at any of our three locations!