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Backyard Blogging.

4 Seasons of Pool Use in Kansas

Typically people look forward to summertime when they can spend everyday (or at least a few per week) swimming in the pool with friends and family.

In Kansas, it really is the best way to cool off. But, did you know you can have four seasons of pool use in Kansas? In this article, we look at how you can do it.

Spring Swimming

Spring is so exciting! The weather is warming up. You can swim in the pool with a pool heater, or if you’re brave, without one.

This is the unofficial start to grilling seasons, so you can start enjoying cookouts by the pool, too.

Spring is also time to start gardening around the swimming pool to make everything beautiful for summer.

It’s also time to start swimming and working out in the pool. And, finally, you can enjoy this time for sunbathing when it isn’t too hot.

Summer Swimming

It’s arrived – everyone’s favorite time for swimming and cooling off in the pool.

You can start scheduling your pool parties and inviting friends and family. Summer is the perfect time for lap swimming, water aerobics, playtime, and game time in the pool.

Finally, don’t forget the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays!

Fall Swimming

Many people leave their pools open during the fall months of September, October, and November. Usually September is perfect for swimming. Some even keep swimming in October.

When it comes to late October and November, you could swim in your pool with a pool heater.

What’s more, you can swim laps each month!

What else can you do in your swimming pool? First, you can relax in your backyard and hang out with friends and family. There’s always BBQing by the pool and watch footballs on your backyard television. Consider tailgating outside by the pool.

You can sit by the pool with your fire pit.

Winter Swimming

You can enjoy much of the same things you do in the fall during the wintertime by your swimming pool. You can also sit in your hot tub and enjoy the ambiance of your pool because you are leaving it open.

It’s always fun to sit by the pool and gaze at the stars. Bring out a star chart and look at the night sky with your children.

Sitting by your fire pit is also a great way to warm up. Add some s’mores, and the evening is perfect.

You can also have your holiday parties outside by the swimming pool in your backyard retreat. Add fire pits and heaters to make it super special.

If you’re brave, you can jump in and take your own polar bear plunge.

Final Thoughts

If you have a swimming pool, you can consider your pool season all four seasons in the greater Wichita area. You can leave it open, but just remember you need to take care of it all year round if so.

If you don’t have a swimming pool, we can help! You’ll love a lifetime of backyard memories. What’s more, you’ll love the beautiful backyard retreat. It’s your very own oasis to provide you with fun all year!

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