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5 Tips for Brushing Your Swimming Pool

Brushing your swimming pool is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your pool this spring and summer. Yet, it’s often one of those tasks pool owners put off or aren’t quite sure why it’s necessary.

Because it’s vital to the health of your pool, let’s look at five tips for brushing your swimming pool.

#1: It Prevents Problems

First, by brushing your swimming pool, you can prevent scale. You’ll find scale at the bottom of your pool as it builds up. Scale is caused by particles from outside, settling at the bottom and building up in layers.

Next, brushing prevents stains in your pool. Stains are caused by a mixture of dirt, body oils, and other debris that gets in your pool. When you brush your pool, you can keep stains from forming.

In addition, when you brush your pool, you can reduce the odds of getting algae. It’s so important to use a combination of brushing and pool chemicals to keep algae from taking over.

Finally, if you don’t brush your pool, you’ll get etching on the surfaces. A brushed pool always has a smoother finish.

#2: The Best Times to Brush a Pool are:

Develop good habits and brush your pool once a week. This helps control the issues mentioned above.

Next, brush your pool:

  • After you add chemicals. Some chemicals may not dissolve, and brushing helps make sure they are dispersed in the water. It also helps prevent any staining or scale on your surface.
  • When you need to remove stains and algae. Chemicals alone aren’t enough to get these off the surface. A good brush is a vital piece.
  • After you re-plaster your pool. This keeps debris out so you don’t end up with staining.

#3: Tips for Brushing your Pool

You’ll find  a variety of available tools at Ultra Modern Pool and Patio. Here are a few suggestions on how to use them:

  • Always brush the steps, shallow end and any benches first.
  • Brush the floor on the shallow end toward the drain in the deep end.
  • Brush the walls in the deep end and the deep end floor last because you are pushing everything to that drain.
  • Don’t forget to brush the walls.
  • Push all debris toward the main drain.
  • Take a break if you need to, but always finish the job.

#4: How to Take Care of Your Pool Brushes

When you’re done brushing your pool, let the brush dry off. After it’s dry, store it inside or in a storage container. This protects the handle and the bristles.

If your bristles get worn down, please replace your brush, or it won’t be able to remove stains and algae from the walls.

Final Thoughts

Keep up the good work and brush your pool weekly so you can enjoy your pool all season.

If weekly pool maintenance isn’t something you want to undertake, we can help! Contact us today to get set up with our expert service crew.