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5 Tips for Extending Your Pool Season

Looking to extend your pool season?

It’s always sad as the evenings get darker earlier, and many pool owners decide it’s time to close the swimming pool.

If you’re like us, though, you are always looking for ideas to make your pool season last just a little longer.

In this article, we look at five tips for extending your pool season!

#1: Continue to Clean Your Pool

Keeping your pool open during the fall season is beautiful, but it does involve a bit of maintenance. First, you want to keep all those falling leaves out of your pool. To do this, you can do it by hand, or you can use your robotic swimming pool cleaner. This is especially helpful when the dirty leaves fall to the bottom of your pool.

Next, you want to keep your filter and your skimmer clean. These will both help you have a clean pool for fall weather.

#2: Add a Pool Heater

It can be chilly for a swim on an early fall morning. Yet, it can also be so wonderful, especially if you turn your pool heater on.

If you don’t have a pool heater, come see us today! We’d love to help you extend your pool season and stay warm while swimming.

#3: Put Heat Lamps Around the Pool

Now that you have warm water, you want to keep people warm when they exit the water.

Help warm up the air outside with heat lamps. Not only are the warming, but they add a lot of ambiance on a cool fall evening.

#4: Gather Around the Fire Pit

At Ultra Modern, we love fire pits. During the fall months, you can get out of your swimming pool and gather around the fire pit. It’s a great place for conversation with friends and family.

Leave the smartphones inside and enjoy the cozy ambiance around the fire pit.

#5: Add a Hot Tub

One of our favorite ways to extend the pool season is by moving from swimming pool to hot tub. You’ll find your kids love this activity, too!

While you enjoy some fun in the pool, you want somewhere warm and soothing to go once you get out. Head on over to your hot tub. You’ll enjoy the warm water hydrotherapy.

Need help finding the perfect spa for your backyard? Come see us today!

Final Thoughts

At Ultra Modern, we are hear for you year round, helping you enjoy your swimming pool and hot tub at any time.

Just remember to keep your water balanced in the fall months as well. Check your pool water level, too.

Add some colored lights to your swimming pool and enjoy your swimming pool during the evening. It’s such a great way to swim in the autumn months!