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6 Tips for Picking Out Patio Furniture

Picking out patio furniture?

You love the outdoors during any season. It’s rejuvenating, and nothing smells better than early morning or late evening crisp, fall air. You’d also like to create the perfect backyard retreat but you aren’t quite sure where start.

Check out this article for six tips for picking out patio furniture and creating the perfect spot to relax outside.

#1: Choose the Right Location

Just like when it comes to choosing your home, you want to choose the right furniture for the right location.

This means picking the right pieces for your patio, deck, pool area, shaded area, around the hot tub, under a portico, or in an eating area.

Here are a few tips:

  • When choosing pieces that will live around your key, they need to be extra durable. This furniture will generally be out in the elements getting hit with rain, heat, and cold. In addition, it needs to be able to withstand being wet from swimmers who sit right on them.
  • If you’re look for furniture for your deck or patio, you can add some extra cushions and comfy chairs and sofas especially if they’ll have a bit of shade or protection. If your area isn’t protected, jut make sure it can handle Kansas weather.
  • When it comes to dining table options, you want something that is solid, comfortable, and able to handle food. Consider a patio umbrella for your table if there isn’t any shade.

You also want to consider how the weather will effect your furniture when look at your location placement.

Think about heat, rain, humidity, freezing temperatures, and the wind.


#2: Choose Natural Materials

One choice you have for patio furniture is natural materials. These pieces tend to be timeless and classic.

You’ll find that wicker and natural materials work well in our Kansas weather, especially if you take care of them. This may mean covering them during very cold weather and washing them regularly during the summer when it’s humid.

Wicker furniture isn’t made out of wicker. It’s actually rattan, cane, or another plant-based material.

Other natural materials include wood in the form of teak, cedar, cypress, and more. Generally wood holds up really well.


#3: Choose Metal

If you don’t want to spend much time taking care of your furniture other than wiping it down, metal needs much less maintenance.

You do need to be careful it doesn’t rust and stain your patio or your deck.

In addition to traditional metals like wrought iron, you can look at aluminum. This patio furniture is lightweight, strong, resists rust, and has great protection from the elements.

Because it is lightweight, you can easily move it wherever you’d like.

You can also choose steel as it is lighter than wrought iron and heavier than aluminum. It’s also as durable as wrought iron.


#4: Choose Synthetic Material

You can also choose outdoor furniture that isn’t wood, metal or some other natural material.

Synthetic patio furniture is strong, weather resistant, and super easy to maintain. It may be made from recycled plastic materials or strands of PVC, nylon, high-density polyethylene, or something else.

Synthetic materials are often molded into unique shapes and colors. All you need to do is wipe it clean!

#5: Choose Color

You’re looking for the perfect retreat, so why not make it as comfortable as your indoor living room?

Compliment your traditional tables and chairs with sofas, sectional sofas, cozy oversized chairs, end tables, lamps, pillows, and even some curtains and lighting for ambiance.

Don’t hesitate to add color. Take your cues from your outdoor environment. Complimentary colors to your flowers and scenery are always a bonus.

Take it a step further and add some wind chimes, outdoor lighting, natural table decor, water fountains, and more.


#6: Choose Shelter

Finally, you want to make sure you add a bit of shelter. This might mean shelter from the hot sun or the rain. It can really be lovely to sit outside and listen to the rain come down. You just want to make sure you have some shelter.
You have many options when it comes to shelter from the sun, heat, and even the rain:

  • Patio umbrella
  • Pergola
  • Sunshade
  • Outdoor room

You can even add a fire table when it’s so you can stay outdoors longer into the fall and winter. It’s also a great place to have a conversation with friends and family.

If you’re ready to outfit your outdoor room for the perfect backyard retreat, let us help you when it comes to picking out patio furniture. Contact us today! We are Wichita’s patio furniture headquarters.

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