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7 Tips on How to Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

Has the water been sitting in your hot tub for two-three months?

Are you wishing the water was crystal clear and clean for an early morning, late afternoon or sunlit evening soak? If so, check out these seven tips on how to get your hot tub ready for fall.

#1: Check your filters

The start of the fall hot tub season is a good time to check your filters. Replace them if needed for maximum operating efficiency.

Clean your filter monthly to ensure your water is clear and healthy for soaking.

#2: Consider a new cover

What kind of shape is your cover in?

Covers are important because not only do they keep leaves and dirt from getting in your water, they help you conserve energy by keeping the heat inside.

Old covers cause your tub to use too much energy, put strain on your hot tub lifter and cabinet, and allow dirt into your hot tub. A new hot tub cover saves you money because it saves energy, which costs you less.

#3: Check your ozone system

Even though your ozone generator is still producing bubbles, it may not be generating ozone. Ask us how to check this.

#4: Replace your water

Drain your spa for a thorough cleaning before the serious winter weather sets in.

In fact, think about changing your water every three-four months if you are on a regular chlorine system.

When you step into the tub on one of these brisk fall days, you’ll really appreciate the fresh, lovely and clear water! A really awesome product to add to your water is Gentle Spa by Proteam Supreme. It smells wonderful, helps make your skin softer and extends time between filter cleans.

Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

#5: Get a new Silver Ion Cartridge

These last four months. If you haven’t used your spa in a while, it’s a good idea to replace this cartridge.

#6: Purge your spa

Purge your spa once per year to clean all the plumbing in the hot tub.

#7: Program your hot tub

Program your hot tub’s water temperature, so it’s warm when you want to go in and in energy-saving mode at other times if your hot tub has these features.

Final Thoughts

When the weather cools down, hot tub usage heats up. Families spend more time at home, and there’s nothing quite like a soak in a warm, cozy hot tub while the air is brisk outside.

Now that you know how to get your hot tub ready for fall, you’re sure to be ready to put yours into action.

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