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A Soak in Salt Water Heals What Ails You

Feeling under the weather? Can’t sleep? Does your back ache? Today people turn to quick fixes in the medicine aisle, searching for the newest pill or elixir.

We all hope that it will do the trick and make us feel better.

But, we have another way. We want to show you how a soak in salt water heals what ails you.

Hot Tubs Help Sore Muscles and Joints

We talk a lot about the benefits of hydrotherapy for your muscles and joints. You probably know that the warm water and massaging jets can relieve joint pain as well as arthritis pain and sore muscles.

The buoyancy of the water also relieves the pressure on your pain points, as it makes you feel almost instantly better.

The added benefit of salt water,  especially the new FreshWater Salt System by Caldera Spas and HotSpring Spas is that it’s better for your body. As an added benefit, it’s also easier to take care of!

Hot Tubs Aid Sleep

As young parents you knew to give your little ones a bath before bed to help them fall asleep. This is also true for adults. A 20 minute soak about an hour and a half before bedtime in a saltwater tub can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Hot Tubs Help The Body Repair Itself

If you have skin issues or even bruises and scrapes, the salt water can help boost your skin’s natural healing abilities. In addition, salt water also helps heal your dry skin. Why? Salt is a natural moisturizer.

Final Thoughts

Ready to experience the healing benefits of a salt water hot tub? Stop by any of our three showrooms, and we’d be happy to show you first hand how much you’ll love an invigorating soak in your new spa!

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