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The Ahh Factor and How to Get It

Ever slipped into a hot tub or warm bath and said, “Ahhh?” We bet you have!

If you’ve wondered why this happens, then you’ve got to watch this video!

Meet Dr. Bruce Becker

One of the medical community’s foremost experts on warm water immersion, Dr. Bruce Becker, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and the Director of the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute, talks about warm water immersion and the remarkable impact it has on the human body.

He is amazed at the effects water has on the human body and what happens to our bodies with immersion at different temperatures. He discusses mother nature, and how are bodies are naturally trying to repair and restore.

A Balanced Body

Dr. Becker discusses our body’s two systems – the sympathetic and the para-sympathetic. He tells us that these systems need to be in balance, and that when they are not, we begin to suffer physical and emotional issues.

It is difficult to keep these systems balanced. But warm water helps. Warm water immersion brings these two systems into balance.

When they aren’t balanced, our bodies become inflamed.

This inflammation is the process for many types of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and depression. He goes on to say that keeping inflammation down is a process with challenges.

It can be controlled with medicine, but side effects occur. With mother nature and warm water immersion, we have a chance to conquer problem-causing inflammation without side effects. He explains that when our bodies are balanced, we:

  • Experience better memory recall
  • Have a broader sphere of awareness
  • Possess a better anti-inflammatory processes

To Conclude

After watching this video, you’ll better understand the science of immersion and why “Ahhh” is the common language (regardless of nation) virtually every time someone soaks.

The Ahh Factor