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Backyard Blogging.

Check Out What’s Trending Now in Outdoor Furniture

What’s trending now?

Are you dreaming of the perfect backyard with a cozy sitting and living space for conversation and relaxation?

It’s always great fun for us to see what’s new in the coming year for outdoor furniture. As in last few years, the trends are pretty consistent as manufacturers bring out new styles.

In this article, we check out what’s trending now in outdoor furniture. Give it a read and then come see all the patio furniture at Ultra Modern!

Natural Fibers and Materials

People are looking towards nature for their inspiration and adding more neutral colors such as taupe, grey, and brown. As the base palette trends towards a more natural look that blends with the environment, we are also seeing pops of color, similar to the flowers in your garden.

Indoor, Outdoor Looks

Your patio has become an extension of your home. Because of this, you’ll notice that many outdoor furniture lines look like they could be at home inside or outside.

They are so comfortable, that you won’t have to choose where to sit based on what feels best. You’ll also notice shapes and styles that can fit any environment.


With this trend, people are choosing white as their main color and adding in brushed aluminum or wood furniture.

You can take the white trend in several ways. Think antique, white-washed, or the new modern-rustic-very comfortable route with all white cushions and frames.

NatureKast Louver Lifestyle (8)

The Outdoor Kitchen

This trend has been growing for the last couple of years! People are taking it outside. Not only does this make your house bigger by adding another room, but it adds ambiance, fun, and practicality to your backyard.

During the summer, you keep the heat outside when you cook. And, with some patio heaters, you can enjoy the space in the fall and winter.

With outdoor kitchens from NatureKast, and grills from Traeger and Big Green Egg, you extend your living and cooking space.

Think function in your outdoor space as it’s a great place to cook, hang out and relax.

The Family Garden

People all over Kansas are jumping in and growing vegetable and herb gardens with their families. Gone are the days of plants stuck around the yard or ordinary raised beds.

Today’s growers are putting in beautiful waist-high planter boxes that work with the natural landscaping in their backyards.

Outdoor Fireplaces

This has been a hot trend for several years and is continuing into the future. Why so popular? Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits add immediate ambiance and a ready conversation area with family and friends.

Mixed Materials

Today’s outdoor living rooms are a mixture of different materials from wood to wicker to aluminum to metal and even concrete. You’ll find different textures on pillows and cushions.

Whatever you like, you can mix it together!


LED lighting has hit the outdoors. You can add colors, strips of lights, hanging lights, lamps, and more. Concentrate on using your lighting to define the space and add ambiance.

Modular Style

We’re seeing a lot of modular-style furniture making a come back. It’s now modern and beautiful, designated to move and fit in your space.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

More people than ever are concentrating on improving our environment. You may notice that recyclable and recycled materials are popping up all over the outdoor furniture arena. This may mean things made from recycled plastics and rugs or wood products made from responsibly managed forests.

Go green with your outdoor furniture to jump on this trend.

Final Thoughts

Bottomline when it comes to what’s trending now in outdoor furniture? Form, function, usefulness, and ambiance. Everything you choose for your outdoor space should work with the way you live. Want overstuffed furniture and natural materials? Go for it. Want something more colorful but sustainable? It’s yours.

Consider your outdoor living space an extension of your home. You want a functional space that extends your living area, works for your needs, and is comfortable for all.