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Colored Spa Lighting and Your Mood

Colored spa lighting is mood-enhancing. For example, you can experience the calming presence of green with your hot tub lighting. Your body reacts to specific colors in positive ways, helping to ease the stresses of life. Green Chromatherapy makes you feel relaxed and stabilized, balancing your mood and rejuvenating your spirit.

There are many other color options available as well, so let’s look at colored spa lighting in your hot tub and how it affects your mood.

Colored Spa Lighting and Your Mood

Your hot tub may have spa lighting that you can set to a variety of colors. Not only is it fun, but your water takes on a spectacular glow when you head out for an evening soak. It’s really the ultimate in mood lighting.

Chromatherapy is what those of us in the spa industry know as color therapy. So, is this lighting really mood lighting? Can the light in your hot tub alter your mood? Let’s check out some stats.

Does Chromatherapy Provide Real Therapy?

You’ll find a lot of information online about this color therapy.

There is some scientific evidence that your colored spa lighting can affect your mood. For example, colors like blue and green are calming. Why? Probably because they are the colors in nature.

Like many spa users, you are soaking a lot during the nighttime hours. This is why there are lights on your hot tub controls and in your hot tub. We add these so you can see the controls and enjoy your water.

Yet, many spa users and experts the world over say these colored lights can make you feel better. They can affect your mood.

So, is this true? You’ll have to be the judge.

Colored Spa Lighting and Your Mood

What Do Different Colors Stand For?

Wondering which colors set which mood? Here is a list of what the most common colors represent:

  • Red hot tub lighting is a stimulating color. It signifies activity and movement, and even ambition.
  • Orange hot tub lighting is cheerful and represents happiness. Orange is widely considered an antidepressant color as it has no negative effects.
  • Yellow hot tub lighting is also cheerful and signifies optimism. Yellow can enhance concentration, decision-making, and good judgment. Do note though, that yellow can be overpowering and overstimulating.
  • Green hot tub lighting is comforting and calming. Green simply makes people feel better.
  • Purple hot tub lighting is said to soothe conflict.
  • Blue hot tub lighting creates feelings of tranquility and peacefulness. Blue helps increase creativity and productivity.
  • Violet hot tub lighting stimulates the imagination. It can help create balance and transform negative emotions.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ll leave it to you to decide if chromatherapy really works.

Just rest assured that many of our spas feature LED mood lighting both inside and outside our hot tubs. With colored spa lights, you can help set the mood on your patio and in and around your hot tub.

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