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Backyard Blogging.

Designing a Deck for Your Hot Tub

Bought a hot tub or ready to buy one? Have you thought about how you’ll feature it in your backyard? We look at your options in this article about designing a deck for your hot tub.

The Perfect Escape

The perfect backyard oasis can be yours once you add a hot tub – it’s a place where you can relax and escape the daily grind.

While some are content to simply add a hot tub to the backyard, others are looking for the perfect setting, complete with ambiance. They want a backyard retreat that fully encompasses them.

The key to this retreat is building a space around your hot tub. It’s thinking about decking, landscaping and the perfect placement.

The Right Material

You want to choose the perfect material not only for your goals but for the geographic region you live on. Some materials are better for specific areas than others.

You’ll find several options when it comes to decking material:

  • Pressure treated lumber – it’s the number one decking material available today because it’s affordable, available and easy to cut and fasten with crews. The downsides? It has a tendency to crack, split and warp and requires routine maintenance.
  • Redwood and cedar – this type of decking is preferred by many because of their rich color and beauty. Plus, they aren’t full of chemicals like pressure treated lumber. The downsides? It costs nearly three times the amount of pressure treated lumber, and they also require routine maintenance.
  • Tropical hardwoods – they are extremely hard, very durable and naturally resistant to rot and insects. The downsides? They’re so hard they’re very difficult to cut and drill, and the cost is often prohibitive.
  • Composite decking – this is decking made mostly of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It’s extremely weather and stain-resistant and doesn’t splinter, warp, rot or split. Low maintenance, composite decking has it’s naysayers who don’t like the idea of man-made “wood.”

The Right Location

Where should you put your new hot tub? It should go on your deck as close to the door as possible. The farther away from your door, the less likely you are to use it.

In addition, be careful how you add the hot tub to the deck. Should it go on-top or be flush with the deck?

This is where your contractor comes in. He should also visit with your hot tub dealer to learn the needs of your hot tub.

Most deck layers will build removable floor panels into the frame around your hot tub so service techs, and you, can get to the hot tub for maintenance.

The Right Support

You also want to make sure your deck has enough structural support to handle the weight of your hot tub filled with water.

A good idea is a solid base that’s independent of your deck for the hot tub. Again, consult with your contractor for the best practices.

Deck Design Tool

Check out this deck design tool from our friends at Caldera Spas. It’s your first step in dreaming big about the perfect backyard retreat for your hot tub.

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