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Elevate Your Hot Tub Experience from Good to Great

Whether you have a spa or are thinking about getting one, this article shows you how to use your five senses to elevate your hot tub. This is actually the secret to the best soak, day after day.

The best thing you can do when soaking in your spa is immerse yourself in the warm water, while engaging all of your senses. Think of it as mindful soaking.

In this article, let’s look at how to elevate your hot tub experience from good to great.

Do This First

The very first thing you want to do is leave the cares of the day behind you. The last thing you want to do is bring the stresses of the day into the hot tub with.

For those of you smartphone “addicts,” that means leaving your cellphone turned off on the table or better yet, in the house. The goal of your hot tub soak is a transformative experience that leaves you feeling better than when you stepped in.

Climb into your hot tub, let the warm water fill the space around you. Focus on the jets and let them massage your sore and tired muscles. Enjoy the air and the landscape around you. Slow your breathing and take it all again. This is the first step to your mindful spa ritual.

Do this every day or several times a week, and you can handle anything life throws at you.

Here’s a bit more inspiration to help you elevate your daily soak.

Enjoy the Landscape

Your hot tub itself is a beauty, but you want to concentrate on your outdoor space for your overall hot tub experience. To help you have a great view, you can do a few of these things:

  • Add flowers and green plants around your hot tub. Create a cascade around you that is pleasing and unique to you.
  • Don’t forget the trees and shrubs farther away from your hot tub. The goal here is to create an outdoor oasis where you can gaze at the stars.
  • Bring in some outdoor furniture to add ambiance to your area.  If you already have some patio furniture, consider adding some pillows to give it a refresh. It’s nice to lounge on a small sofa or chair after your soak, too.
  • Add some beautiful lighting around your hot tub. This could be candles or even hanging lights on your pergola or in the trees.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

The smell of things can enhance your hot tub soak. You might add some inSPAration aromatherapy to help engage your sense of smell. Consider lavender for relaxation, citrus for energy, pine and jasmine for stress, and how about the smell of freshly mowed grass?

Don’t forget the power of your own scented flowers. Set some pots around your hot tub so you can enjoy their fragrance as well. Add some night bloomers like gardenia and jasmine for an extra punch.

De-stress with Soothing Sounds

Your hot tub may come with a water feature that provides a relaxing sound. Or, perhaps you have built-in speakers. If so, go ahead and create a relaxing playlist for your evening soaks. If you’re soaking in the morning before work, listen to something upbeat.

It’s also nice to add wind chimes in your outdoor area for a gentle sound.

Want something different? Listen to the sweet chirping of the birds.

hot tub experience

Add Something Soft

Your sense of touch is powerful. Make sure you have a cozy robe and plush slippers when you get out of your spa.

In addition, you can concentrate on the soothing massage of the jets as they gently massage away your stress points.

Don’t Forget Your Sense of Taste

Stay hydrated while you soak. You’ll feel better afterwards.

Enjoy healthy snacks and drinks as you soak or after.  You can set a bar cart out by the hot tub to hold your drinks and food so they aren’t too far away.

To Conclude

Once you’re setup to engage the five senses while you soak, you’ll find your daily hot tub experience jumps up a notch or two.

As you soak, concentrate on the present. Breathe in and out and concentrate on your exhales to chase stress away. Then, focus on each of your five senses and engaging them.

Enjoy the outdoors, the sights, sounds, and smells to elevate your hot tub soak.

If you don’t have a hot tub, we’re here to help you find one that fits your budget and your needs!

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