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Backyard Blogging.

All About Hot Tub Installation

Now that you’ve picked out your perfect hot tub, gotten your backyard ready and purchased accessories, it’s time to install your hot tub.

In this article, we look hot tub installation and how to go about starting.

Pick Your Foundation

Your very first step is picking the appropriate place in your backyard for your hot tub.

Before your hot tub arrives, you must choose the proper foundation. Let’s look at your choices:

  • Concrete – this is one of the most common choices because usually it already exists in your backyard. Concrete is long-lasting and can handle the weight of a hot tub. You do want to make sure that your concrete surface is level and in good condition. If not, you can always have one poured.
  • Deck – this is another good place for your hot tub. You do want to have it inspected before you install your hot tub to make sure it’s sturdy, has the proper supports and is level.
  • Spa pad – you’ll find prefabricated pads are a simple, good-looking solution. You put the pad on your grass, lay out the pad, and you’re ready for the hot tub.

Work on Electrical and Plumbing

Work with your dealer to learn about your electrical needs. You want to also check with your electrician to make sure you can handle the amperage.

You also need access to water to fill your hot tub. Make sure you have the appropriate plumbing necessary.

Prepare for Delivery

Make sure your hot tub delivery goes smoothly by taking care of the following items:

  • Make sure your gates, doors and sidewalks are wide enough to accommodate your spa.
  • Check your turns – your spa will need to fit around 90° turns.
  • Prepare by moving your outdoor furniture and planter so your delivery crew doesn’t stumble over them.
  • Check your overhead areas. Is there anything hanging over where you are putting your new hot tub?

Follow these tips for delivery day for a smooth process. We encourage you to speak with your dealer about all of these items to make sure it’s all taken care of. Questions? Contact us below.

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