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Backyard Blogging.

How to Choose a Hot Tub

Considering purchasing a hot tub for your dream backyard? With so many choices, how do you pick? Here’s how to choose a hot tub or spa.

Quality Matters

As with most things in life, the better quality you buy, the better it performs and the longer it lasts.

This is also true with hot tubs. When it comes to choosing a spa, every part of the tub is important to your investment.

Always consider the quality of the materials, dimensions and seating options, and entertainment features, as well as the warranty.

Jets & Massage Count

When picking your hot tub, look for jets that meet your needs. If you’re looking for massage, you want back jets as well as jets for your legs, feet, hands and neck.

You do want to ask how the jets and airflow are balanced to the number of pumps and the amount of power. This is important for the overall quality of your jets.

It’s a good idea to look at the jets – would you prefer adjustable jets? If so, be sure and talk to your dealer about this.

Materials Matter

You want a hot tub designed for reliability and longevity.

Look for spas with durable, acrylic shells. Do your research on the cabinetry – ask about the type of cabinets and if they can withstand the weather in Kansas.

Check out the controls – can you see them in the dark?

Water Care Should be Simple

Of course you want sparkling clear and clean hot tub water.

Ask about the filtration options. You want a quality hot tub so your maintenance is kept at a minimum.

Look for hot tubs that use technology to simplify water care.

How to Choose: Portable or In-ground?

Most hot tubs are placed in your yard so they blend in with your landscaping. In-ground tubs usually offer bench seating and jets and need to be heated as you use it.

You’ll find that portable, or plug-n-play hot tubs are versatile. These tubs are good for people who move a lot or are apartment dwellers.

They have seats and jets and heat up when you plug them in.

Size is a Consideration

How much room do you have in your backyard? How many people will use your hot tub at one time?

These are both important considerations when it comes to deciding what size hot tub to purchase. You want to measure the dimensions and make sure it fits in your backyard.

Seating is Key

Seating is vital to your hot tub happiness. You want to make sure you have enough room for the people you anticipate will use it at the same time.

Look at seating and hydromassage together. Are there enough jets where you want them?

While two-person hot tubs are perfect for singles or couples, larger five-seven seat hot tubs are great for a crowd.

Know what you need and then explore your seating and jet options.

Covers are Necessary

Don’t forget the spa cover. This is a must for keeping your water clean, hot, safe and ready to use.

You want a cover that’s designed to fit your model.

Entertainment Options

Did you know many hot tubs today have entertainment options? Whether it’s wireless music or a television, these are things to consider when choosing a spa.

Also take a look at wireless technology that lets you control the the lights, temperature and jets remotely.

Warranty is Key

The better the warranty, the better quality the hot tub!

You know a manufacturer that offers a good warranty is willing to stand by its products. Look for warranties that cover the shell as well as the interior of the spa.

The best bet – go with a well-known hot tub name that’s been around for awhile such as Hot Spring Spas, Caldera, Freeflow Spas and Jacuzzi Spas.

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