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Soaking in a Hot Tub When It’s Hot

Hot tub soaking doesn’t have to be a three-season affair! It’s great in the summer, too.

While we know it’s going to be a hot summer, we bet you’d like to use your hot tub throughout the season. But, as the weather continues to get hotter, many of us neglect our daily soak.

Here’s how to soak in a hot tub when it’s hot.

Make It Cool

Turn your temperature settings down. While 102° or 104° is great in the winter, it’s a bit hot in Kansas mid-summer. Just turn your heat down a few degrees, and your massaging soak will be perfect.

Or, turn the heat off for a cool pool.

Cool Off First

There’s nothing like a hot tub soak for aching muscles. Whether you’re just sore, or you’ve been gardening or working out, your hot tub is the perfect place to relieve sore muscles and joints.

To make it more enjoyable, cool off before getting in your hot tub. Take some time to drink water and let your body quit sweating before getting in your spa.

You also want to continue to drink plenty of water throughout your summertime soaks!

We love using our hot tubs all year long, and with a few adjustments, you can too! Don’t have a hot tub? Contact us today!

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