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How To Restart Your Hot Tub If You Haven’t Used It in Awhile

Did you leave your hot tub covered all summer? Or, has it been even longer than that?

Perhaps you forgot how much you liked your daily soak, but you’d like to rekindle your relationship with your hot tub. Or maybe you simply haven’t used it in a while, or maybe it’s full of bacteria?

Bottom line – you want to use it, so what now?

Let’s look at how to restart your hot tub if you haven’t used it in awhile.

Turn Off the Power

Before doing anything, you want to turn off the power to your hot tub. Please don’t work on your hot tub or anywhere near water when the electricity is on.

Drain Your Hot Tub

Next, you want to drain out all of the old water – every bit of it.

If you still have stagnant water in your hot tub, you can be sure it has bacteria in it. So, be sure there is no water left in your hot tub.

Flush Your Hot Tub Jets

Next, remove your spa filters. Then, use a jet or drain cleaner in your spa. Let your jets run for about an hour to let the cleaner work. Then, drain your spa again.

Clean Your Spa and Your Cover

Next up you want to attend to all of the surfaces.

  • Clean your hot tub cover and let it dry.
  • Wipe down the inside of your spa as well as the outside cabinet. Pay special attention to remove all of the dirt, debris, and any algae.

Clean Your Spa Filter

Before you can refill your hot tub, you want to clean your spa filters even if they don’t look like they need. Your hot tub filter is one of the most important pieces of your hot tub. It removes unwanted particles like dirt, debris, and micro organisms.

Clean it with spa filter cleaner following the directions and rinse with clean water. Let it dry before putting it back in.

When hot tubs sit for a long time, filters can become clogged and quite dirty.

If your filters are in bad shape, replace them. It’s a good idea to keep replacements on hand so you have them when you need them.

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Let Your Spa Dry

Once your spa is dry you can look for any cracks, damage, or signs of leftover mold and mildew. Attend to these things before refilling your spa.

Check Your Wiring

Just like with appliances in your home, you want to check your wiring, especially if you haven’t used it in awhile. If you aren’t comfortable with this, please call an electrician.

Refill Your Hot Tub

Now that your spa is thoroughly cleaned, you can refill it. After it’s full, turn it back on and add your spa chemicals. Don’t forget the sanitizer.

Finally, test your hot tub water (bring us a sample, and we’ll test it for free) so you can see if you need to add any additional chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you have your hot tub in tip top shape, it’s time for a soak!

Turn over a new leaf today and make a promise to yourself to make everyday better by soaking for 15 minutes each day. You just might be surprised at how much better you feel!