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Backyard Blogging.

Looking for Santa in the Night Sky

Do you know the perfect viewing place for spotting Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve? The hot tub of course!
As your kids begin to wind down from all the fun Christmas Eve has to offer, there’s no better place than to head outside. Take a plate of Christmas cookies with you, grab your kids and their bathing suits, and sit in your hot tub. Gaze at the night sky and look up at the stars together as you watch for Santa before bedtime.

You’ll also find the warm water relaxes everyone so your kids might just go to sleep sooner!

What’s more, you’ll create a lifetime of family memories and a Christmas Eve tradition everyone will look forward to.

The Best Viewing Spot

Your hot tub provides a terrific front row seat for stargazing and moon-watching in the December sky! Have a Holiday Hot Tub Stargazing Party!

Cozy up in the warmth of your outdoor hot tub with family and friends and view the night sky on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Your hot tub is the ideal place for watching the extraordinary sky while bonding with family and friends.

Search for “stargazing in December” to find apps and maps of the night sky. Stargazing in your hot tub allows everyone to stay warm while enjoying a relaxing, fun, educational experience!

Looking for Santa in the Night Sky

Don’t forget to hop in your hot tub on Christmas Eve with the official NORAD Santa Tracker app on your phone. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa for more than 50 years using radar and satellites.

Make sure to put on your cozy slippers and fluffy robe when you go outside to get into your hot tub! Don’t have a hot tub? Be sure and stop by one of our three locations and pick out the Ultimate Christmas Gift!

Photo: Srikanta H