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Meet Ariel, the Pool Cleaning Robot

The unique robot, Ariel, produces clean pools by combining the force of solar power and new technology as she elegantly explores the pool’s surface to collect debris. We want you to meet Ariel, the pool-cleaning robot.

Meet Ariel by Solar Breeze

Designed by Solar-Breeze in Tempe, Arizona, Ariel cleans the surface of your pool water, so you don’t have to. Watch this short video to see how she does it.

Ariel is One Smart Robot

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is a future-focused pool-cleaning device that brings a whole new level of intelligence, beauty, and performance to the robotic surface-cleaning category.

With Ariel by Solar-Breeze, you and your pool are getting the best in features:

  • Mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size
  • Simple removal from the pool with no-slip handle
  • Operates for at-least 10-hours on a fully charged battery without exposure to the sun through 5x surplus power that is stored
  • Sensors detect obstructions
  • No cords or hoses attached
  • Moves forward 10-20 feet per minute
  • Function in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 130°
  • Can withstand water salinity of 6,500 ppm


Ariel Saves You Time

Do you love hand skimming the top of your pool or trying to use a leaf catcher to catch leaves? With Ariel, you don’t have. What’s more, she keeps your pool ready for swimming all the time.  love hand-skimming said no pool owner ever.  Your pool will be gorgeous, healthy, and clean, and best of all, no hand-skimming.

Ariel Saves You Money

Our pool owners find that Ariel pays for herself in the first six months.

This is due to all-the-time cleaning and a micron screen that filters your pool water. Ariel is simply an efficient robot.

Because she is keeping your pool clean, you may need fewer chemicals, less maintenance, and less time running your pool.

Add all this up for big-time savings.


Ariel is Better for the Environment

Your pool pump is likely the second largest consumer of electricity in your mom.

Running your pool pump so you can run your traditional bottom vacuum, you are polluting the air in the same amount that an SUV would be driving 15,000 miles per year. Because this cleanerl is solar-powered, you aren’t using electricity.

According to Solar Breeze, “Pool owners may be able to reduce pool pump run time by up to 60% and save hundreds of dollars each year on energy.

Convinced you need this fabulous robot? Come see us at one of our stores today!