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Backyard Blogging.

Pool Exercises for All Levels

Looking for pool exercises for all ages and all levels?

Swimming in your pool is not only fun, but it can be one of the best fat-burning and overall workouts you can do. Why? Since water has a natural buoyancy,  you have a built-in resistance workout that’s easy on your body.

Swimming also helps you burn fat, increase your muscle mass, and enhance your metabolism.

In this article, we look at pool exercises for all levels from beginner to advanced. Plus, swimming is great for people of all ages – just check with your doctor first.

Exercises for Beginning Swimmers

For those of you just starting out, we’ve compiled some videos for you. In addition, you can simply swim laps. Did you know lap swimming can burn 500 calories and hour, and the harder you swim, the more you burn.

We love the easy bicycle exercise because all you need to do is rest your elbows on the pool and use your legs to pedal your bicycle.

We also like the dolphin exercise to work your core, legs, and back.

Exercises for Moderate Swimmers

While you can keep doing the above exercises, consider adding in a few more to increase the intensity of your workout. Don’t forget regular lap swimming, too. At this point, you can pick up the pace a bit and add in a few more strokes.

Let’s look at the different kind of swimming strokes.

Now, it’s time to get get moving some more while using the water’s natural resistance to build strength.

Next, add in some core/ab exercises  – it’s so important to have a strong core!

Exercises for Advanced Swimmers

Again, you can keep on doing the above exercises and doing your regular lap swimming. But, if you want to swim like a pro and burn even more calories per hour, take a look at these drills.

Next, you can get our weights again to work on those love handles.

Planks in the pool? Why, yes! Check out this video for some added resistance training.

Final Thoughts

Since staying home and enjoying summer in our own backyards the theme of this summer, what better way to spend it than exercising right at home, too? Plus, swimming feels good, you’re outside, you can do it with your whole family, and it’s fun!

Enjoy these pool exercises for all levels and have a great summer!