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Protect Your Health with Antimicrobial Features

We carefully choose the outdoor furniture we offer you, our customers. Check out how one of our lines makes sure their line of furniture is
antimicrobial, helping keep you safe during the COVID-10 pandemic and beyond.

Let’s look at how Homecrest Outdoor Living furniture can protect your health with antimicrobial features.

It Starts with the Fabric

The Homecrest line is designed to not only last for years, but to hold up in any environment.

One bonus? Their products are easily cleanable and antimicrobial. Because of this, you can have an outdoor room filled with stylish furniture that also helps you handle the COVID-19 pandemic responsibly.

All of their fabric is bleachable with a safe bleach cleaning solution, but they take it one step further.

First, their double-layer incredibly comfortable sling seating—is constructed of antimicrobial-rated, Microban-infused material. You can also safely bleach then without harming their appearance or integrity. This means that, not only does their sling seating naturally prevent the lingering and transmission of dirt and germs, they can also easily be cleaned between uses for added protection.

Next, their Ultraleather fabrics are also antimicrobial rated (using EPA-registered measurement systems) and bleachable. It’s non-porous and  easy to clean with standard, alcohol-based disinfectants. These qualities makeUltraleather a favorite of healthcare industries.

Homecrest Slate Fire Table Icon

It Moves to the Cushions

Homecrest also added protections for their cushioned seating. With DreamCore™ and UltraCore™ cushions, they include a ticking fabric underlayment beneath the product’s exterior. This underlayment prevents transmission of any foreign materials or fluids into the cushion foam. This ensures that cleaning the outer layer of fabric is all the maintenance needed in order to keep your cushioned products hygienic.

It Ends with the Aluminum Frames

Finally, they finish their aluminum frames with a special powder-coating paint. Besides creating an even layer of color, this process makes their frames completely non-porous. In contrast to other materials used in the outdoor furniture industry, such as wood or natural fibers, you can wipe down and bleach their powder-coated aluminum frames.

How to Clean Slings and Fabrics

  • To keep your cushions and pillows looking new, NEVER use a power washer on the frame or fabric of your Homecrest furniture.
  • PVC and Sensation: Address stains and mildew promptly. Use warm water with a mixture of strong liquid detergent and chlorine bleach (one cup of bleach to every three gallons of water). Always rinse thoroughly. Pat with a soft cloth to remove excess water and allow to air dry.
  • Acrylics and Acrylic Blends: Address stains and mildew promptly. Add 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach to every three gallons of mild soap solution. Always rinse thoroughly. Pat with a soft cloth to remove excess water and allow to air dry.
  • Woven Products: Regular washing with nonabrasive, mild soap and water will remove dirt, body oils, chemicals and other substances. Rinse thoroughly; allow to air dry and do not pressure wash.

For aluminum furniture, periodically hose down (NEVER use a power washer on the frame or fabric of your Homecrest furniture) or wash product with mild soap and water to help remove dust, pollens, chemicals, salt water, dirt, etc. Aluminum frames offer exceptionally easy maintenance and should be cared for like the fine furniture it is.

Apply a coat of clear liquid car wax at least once a year to protect the frame finish on your product. For nicks and scratches, rub the affected area lightly with fine steel wool for better paint adhesion. Wipe the area to be painted clean and apply thin coats of paint, allowing ample time for paint to dry between coats.

To Conclude

You’ll note that all of these different strategies combine to make Homecrest Outdoor Living products the smart choice for hygiene and safety, during COVID-19 and beyond. Interested in seeing the line? Stop by one of our stores today!