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The Science Behind the Soak

Is there science behind the soak? Yes!

Everyone knows that regular physical activity and exercise keeps our hearts in good shape. Yet, many people with heart problems or heart failure find it difficult to exercise on land. Hydrotherapy (hot tub/spa) may be a better form of exercise for people with heart problems.

In fact, hydrotherapy provides a great workout for anyone and can benefit your heart as well as your whole body.

Since February is Heart Month, we decided to take a look at the science behind the soak. Let’s look at hot tub exercise for men and women with cardiac problems.

Warm Water Immersion

Heart rate and blood pressure typically drop when you are sitting in warm water. Your peripheral circulation increases, and your cardiovascular system’s efficiency improves.

A number of studies show the benefits of simple warm-water immersion and aquatic exercise. They show that cardiac function may improve because the heart doesn’t have to exert as much force to circulate blood throughout the body.

Benefits exist in both simple immersion and aquatic exercise performed in a warm-water environment.

Why the Benefit?

The heart doesn’t have to expend as much energy to move blood in your body due to the reduced vascular resistance and a slower heart rate when soaking in warm water. This is why cardiac function improves.

In some studies, a benefit was seen with three days per week of warm water exercise. Some studies recommend limiting hot tub sessions to ten minutes and encourage soakers to stay hydrated before, during and after.

Final Thoughts

While there are many benefits of hot tub soaking and exercising in warm water, we recommend you seek professional advice if you have heart issues.

Please consult your doctor before using a hot tub/spa if you have heart failure. Make sure to check with your physician before beginning any exercise regimen. (This article does not constitute doctor’s advice.)

Don’t have a hot tub? Would you like to experience all of the healthy heart benefits of the hot tub soak? Contact us today for more information.