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Top 11 Benefits to Salt Water Hot Tubs

You may know the many benefits of hot tubs, such as better sleep, relaxation, overall wellness, pain relief, hydrotherapy, massage, arthritis relief, and much more. But, do you know the top 11 benefits of salt water hot tubs?

We love a good soak in warm salt water with our massaging jets. In fact, we love it so much, we want to share the salt water tub benefits with you.

What is a Salt Water Spa?

Our Hot Spring and Caldera hot tubs come equipped with the Fresh Water Salt System. In order to keep water clean, salt water hot tub systems generate chlorine automatically from trace amounts of salt dissolved in the water.

The best part for you is that this method is far more efficient than adding chlorine by hand every week. But the advantages don’t stop there.

Take a look at the top 11 benefits of salt water hot tubs. These popular spas help you with a more natural way to improve your health and wellness! Say goodbye to traditional chlorine systems and hello to a gentler, more relaxing hot tub experience that’s super easy to maintain.

Benefit #1: Wellness

Did you know you can float easier in a salt water hot tub? It’s because salt water is denser than water without salt.

So, that increased buoyancy reduces the weight of gravity on your muscles and joints. You enjoy a soothing tension that not only lifts your body but your spirit, too.

Our recommendation? Soak in your hot tub for about 20 minutes every day and say goodbye to muscle tension. You’ll also relax, de-stress, and experience an improvement in your overall well-being.

Benefit #2: Less Chemicals

Salt water systems constantly monitor chlorine levels in the water. This means salt water spas only generate as much chlorine as they need.

That means fewer chemicals end up in the spa water, which helps your spa water last longer. Plus, the water feels softer, smoother, and purer than water sanitized using a traditional system.

Benefit #3: No Oder

Have you ever smelled a hot tub with a chlorine smell? You most likely have smelled it in a swimming pool. This smell is caused by chemical residues in the water due to manual chlorine dosing issues.

Well, salt water purification systems eliminate the “chlorine smell.” Salt water hot tubs maintain a consistent level of chlorine, which eliminates the residues. No chemical residues, no odors!

Benefit #4: Less Irritation

Since salt water hot tubs require fewer chemicals, you’ll find that salt water spas are much less likely to irritate the soaker’s skin and eyes.

With a gentler overall experience, you can fully relax and enjoy all the wellness benefits without any annoying discomfort.

Benefit #5: Less Drains

Some salt water hot tubs — such as the FreshWater®Salt System — have to be drained only once a year with normal use. For hot tubs relying on tradition chlorine, you need to drain them three or four times a year.

So, your salt water spa saves you hours of work every year, so you can spend less time maintaining your hot tub and more time enjoying it.

Benefit #6: Water Conservation

Salt water spas use much less water because they require less frequent drains and refills than traditional hot tub systems.

This means hot tub owners can enjoy the wellness benefits while knowing they’re conserving a limited resource at the same time.

Benefit #7: User Friendly

Some people shy away from a hot tub experience because they think it will be hard to take care. Not so with salt systems such as the FreshWater®Salt System that’s available in both our Caldera Spas and Hot Spring Spas.

Salt water hot tubs provide owners with clean water with fewer chemicals. But they also make spa ownership more user-friendly.

Benefit #8: Affordability

Thanks to a superior design and carefully selected materials, the FreshWater Salt System costs less than other chlorine-generating salt systems.

Benefit #9: Disposable Titanium Cartridges

The FreshWater Salt System uses titanium cartridges to convert salt into chlorine. They’re designed to last four months with normal spa use and can be purchased in packs of three at Ultra Modern. A single pack can generally keep spa water clean for an entire year.

Benefit #10: No Tools Needed

It’s super easy to replace a cartridge, and it takes mere seconds.

You simply remove the old cartridge right from the spa bar top, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. You don’t need any tools or assistance from us!

Benefit #11: Simple Instructions

The FreshWater Salt System takes the guesswork out of hot tub water care with easy-to-read control panel prompts. The hot tub tells you when it’s time to replace a cartridge or adjust sanitizer levels.

This means you can focus on relaxation and wellness, not chemistry.

Final Thoughts on Salt Water Hot Tubs

We encourage you to come and see us to experience these amazing hot tubs in person!

FreshWater Salt Systems are pre-plumbed, meaning they require no additional or unsightly plumbing materials. You just need a start-up kit to begin using the system. This guarantees quality, maintains the aesthetic value of your tub, and it helps keep the system affordable.

The FreshWater Salt System provides Pure Comfort® for you. It assures your spa water is always clean and ready to use. Plus, with simplified water care, you can use your hot tub more often.

Using your hot tub consistently enhances the wellness benefits of hydrotherapy! You’ll reduce stress and improve your mood and sleep.