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What Pool Shape Should You Choose?

When you think about your dream pool, what shape do you see?

Do you see a rectangular pool that fits perfectly in your backyard? Or, do you see a round swimming pool or kidney-shaped pool that is more freeform in nature? Or, perhaps, you see an L-shaped pool that wraps around your backyard.

When it comes to the size and shape of your backyard swimming pool, you are really only limited by your imagination! There are some considerations, though, and in this article, we look at what pool shape you should choose.

The Basics of Choosing Your Pool Shape

You look out your window, and you see a blank canvas when you look at your backyard. It’s wide open and just begging for a swimming pool. Perhaps you’ve perused the internet, and you know your favorite pool shapes.

As you begin the process, do ask yourself some of these questions before you set up a meeting with our pool experts.

  • What shape appeals to you the most?
  • Is there a shape or several that you think works well in your backyard?
  • Does your idea shape fit with your landscaping?
  • When looking at different shapes, will your pool features work in that shape?
  • What will you use your pool for? Is it for lap swimming, parties, sports, or games?
  • How many people will be in your pool at one time? This informs shape and size.
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want a diving board, tanning ledge, swim-up bar, hot tub, water feature, etc?

Now that you’ve pondered these questions, your vision may begin to take shape. Now let’s look at some of the most popular pool shapes for you to choose from. Remember, you can reach out to us at any time, and we can help you sort through your options!

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The Free Form Pool

This is the pool shape for creative thinkers and those who want something completely different and unique. This pool includes rounded curves in a free-form style.

When thinking of this pool, you might think about beach entry pools or lagoon-style pools. The free-form pool works really nicely in a natural setting, and it can move seamlessly in your landscape.

The free-form pool is usually more expensive to build. What’s more, you’ll need a custom pool cover if you’re going to close your pool.

You can include various pool features, and really your imagination can soar with this pool type.

The Rectangular Pool

This pool shape is very traditional, and it’s the one you see in many backyards. This pool can be large or small, but your backyard needs to be big enough to accommodate it.

The rectangular pool is often contemporary looking with its sharp corners and angles.

If you want to swim laps in your swimming pool or play sports like volleyball and basketball, this is the pool shape for you. The rectangular pool can also work with nearly any pool feature you choose, such as water features, spas, and various pool covers.

The L-Shaped Pool

Another pool with sharp edges and corners, the L-shaped pool, usually works best in a large backyard.

Many people choose this pool because you can completely separate the deep end from the shallow end. For example, the longest side could be for lap swimming, while the short length of the L is a shallow area for hanging out and for kids playing. This small end can also accommodate a tanning ledge or pool steps.

You can also add a diving board in the deep end on the long side of the L.

The Kidney-Shaped Pool

This is a pool design from many years ago, but we’ve seen a resurgence in kidney-shaped pools.

These pools are curved with a slight indent on one side. You can add visual features in this indent so that the kidney-shaped pool can make quite a statement.

You can also have a deep end and a shallow end in this pool. In addition, it is possible to swim laps in your kidney-shaped pool.

There are many design possibilities in this pool – you can even add a diving board and tanning ledge. You can add architectural features along the pool and get creative with pool decking and landscaping.

The Geometric Pool

We call these straight-edge pool shapes. When it comes to geometric pools, you have many options. These include circles, rectangles, triangles, ovals, heart shapes, straight lines, and curves.

You choose your shape and get as unique as you want. The geometric pool works well for pool owners who want to match the lines of their own homes. You can choose traditional, classic, modern, contemporary, romantic, etc.

The Classic Pool

The classic pool shape encompasses the classic Roman or Grecian backyard. Imagine a grand home of yesterday, and this is the pool shape for you.

Generally, this pool is rectangular with angled and radius modifications at the ends of the pool. Imagine a straight-edge pool with rounded ends. Or, one end may be rounded. Sometimes the pool buts right up to a building or other feature.

So, What’s Your Choice?

Now that you have an idea of the various pool shapes you can choose from, it’s time to get in touch!

We are here to help you choose the perfect pool for your dreams, your backyard, and your budget!

Contact us today to start your pool build!

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