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Why Does Everyone Want a Hot Tub?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the biggest questions we hear is, “Why does everyone want a hot tub?”

All across the United States, people are looking to enhance their fun and wellness activities right at home. They want to de-stress and stay active at home. This demand has increased 10-fold during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And, it’s not only hot tubs. The demand is huge for pools, swim spas, and other outdoor living activities. In fact, manufacturers across the United States and the world have run out of these items, and they are struggling to fill new orders. The wait time is now measured in months and not weeks.

If you’re craving at-home massage, warm water soaks, more time with family, stress relief, and better sleep, what can you do?

How Long is the Wait?

Right now hot tub factories are working overtime to make up for the time they were closed during the government mandates. They are also operating with reduced capacity in order to keep their staff safe and continue to comply with governmental regulations.

The good news? Production has resumed, and they’re sending a myriad of hot tubs out every day.

If you’re interested in a hot tub, contact us soon! The time span between when you place your order and receive your new hot tub depends on when you purchase it. So, purchase early to ensure you have it as soon as possible.

Should I Wait for Hot Spring Spas?

You’ll be glad you waited for the best in hot tubs from brands like Hot Spring Spas. Why? Nearly everyone in the hot tub industry is experiencing similar challenges.

If you’re going to wait for a new spa, why not wait for the best spas in America? You’ll be glad you didn’t compromise, and here’s why:

  1. Hot Spring hot tubs are built to last for years. Some owners have even reported their Hot Spring spas are still going strong after 20 years or more! So, when you think about that, a few months doesn’t seem too long to wait.
  2. By waiting, you have extra time to prepare for your new hot tub. You can pick the perfect spot for your hot tub, put in a concrete pad/patio or reinforce your deck, make sure you have the electrical requirements taken care of, and you are prepared for delivery.
  3. You can plan for your new daily routine where you make every single day better. Decide when you’ll soak. Will you soak in the morning, during the afternoon, the evening, or more than once? How will you enjoy the massaging jets?

hot tub demand

Investing in Wellness

Your new Hot Spring spa is a lifetime investment in your wellness.

Your hot tub will be there for you every day. It can help you warm up and loosen up before your workouts and help relax your muscles and stimulate your healing after your workout.

Hydrotherapy is recommended for physical therapists for years. It can not only relieve aches and pains and provide relief for arthritis symptoms.

Final Thoughts

If you’re waiting for your new hot tub to arrive, we appreciate your patience! If you haven’t ordered yet, hurry in and do it now so you’ll have your hot tub as soon as possible.

For those of you who may have questions about your order, please check in with this. We are so excited for the day your hot tub is completed and arrives in our warehouse!

Remember: the sooner you order your hot tub, the sooner you can start soaking in your hot tub. Contact us today to arrange your in-person or virtual consultation.

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