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Backyard Blogging.

9 Ways to Create a Backyard You Love

Are you dreaming of the perfect backyard retreat? Wondering how to make it the perfect spot? Check out this article for nine ways to create a backyard you love!

For many of us, we are looking for a backyard that can provide us with that vacation feeling. We’re looking for a space that takes advantage of the outdoors and makes us feel good. Ultimately, we want a calm, serene place where we can relax on our own or with family and friends.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with your very own hot tub. A hot tub from Caldera Spas is the perfect solution! Next, you want to make sure you create a unique and special space around your hot tub, so everything is perfect!

Check out these nine ideas for creating a backyard you literally can’t wait to come home to.

#1: Create a Pathway

While you’re prepping for your hot tub and having a concrete pad poured, consider how you will get to your new spa. You want to create an inviting path from your backdoor to your spa. It should accent your hot tub while also defining the space around it.

This might be a concrete path – left plain or stained. Or it could be a path made from pavers or flagstones. Get creative and make a path that flows with the style of your house.

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#2: Create a Seating Area

We love creating a seating area around the hot tub. This allows some people to soak while others can sit outside the hot tub. Everyone can still chat and enjoy a wonderful conversation.

In addition, once people are done soaking, they can relax on an outdoor sofa or comfy lounge chairs near the hot tub. This allows people to pop in and out of the hot tub as they’d like.

#3: Add Some Decor

Make an inviting spot in your outdoor area surrounding your hot tub. It should be inviting with a great ambiance. Consider some candles as well as great music. Add cozy pillows and soft blankets so people can relax once they get out of the hot tub.

We love making our outdoor space as inviting and welcoming as our indoor living room. This encourages extended conversations with friends and family.

#4: Bring on the Lighting

You can really get creative with your lighting. First, you can add string lights hung above your hot tub, on your patio, or in the trees. This makes a big impact without a huge cost.

You can also add some inground path lighting. This is a great idea on the path to your hot tub. We also love lanterns hung around your backyard. This provides the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

#5: Grab a Fire Pit

At Ultra Modern, we think everyone needs a fire pit! Imagine a place to relax with your spouse or a place to gather with your teenagers (minus the phones) for an evening of conversation. Or, just think about the nights you can spend reading a book by the outdoor fire.

There’s also nothing quite like soaking in your hot tub with a roaring fire nearby!

#6: Buy a Cover Lifter

We can tell you anecdotally that people who have a cover lift for their hot tub use it more than those who don’t. Why? A cover lifter makes it so easy to take the cover off your spa.

When it’s easier to use your hot tub, you’re more likely to actually use it. With a cover lifter, you can open your hot tub smoothly and easily.

#7: Landscape Your Backyard

The perfect backyard vacation spot is lush with greenery. This could be bushes, trees, shrubs, and flowers – even a veggie garden!

The idea here is to create a private, peaceful, green, and colorful area for your backyard retreat. Plants can also add some shade from the harsh summer sun and make your backyard quieter while adding privacy. You’ll definitely love your backyard more if it’s aesthetically pleasing.

With the wide number of garden centers and landscapers in the greater Wichita area, this is something you can do on your own or with a little help. Consider planting Kansas natives, so you don’t have to water as often!

#8: Have an Eating Area

Another great idea for creating the perfect backyard is to have a centralized eating area with comfortable patio furniture and a dining table.

You can have your own staycation in the backyard alternating from the hot tub to sofa to dining.

Extend your outside time and enjoy weekend barbecues, your morning coffee, and a nightly glass of wine!

#9: Consider Shade and Sun Options

One more thing to consider is the hot Wichita summer sun and cold winter days and evenings. You’ll want to ensure that you have some outdoor spaces that are in the sun and some that are in the shade.

Create an outdoor space you can use year-round by mixing in some options for full sun and some for shade. This could be with trees, a gazebo, a pergola, and umbrella, or a sun shade.

Come see us for options!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have nine ways to create a backyard you’ll love and one you’ll never want to leave, you’re all set and ready to make every single day feel like a vacation!

If you need a hot tub, a swimming pool, a grill, an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, an umbrella, patio furniture, or something else to make your backyard complete, you’ll find three stores to help you create the perfect spot!