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Great Reasons to Unplug

Do you feel like phones, gaming devices, and tablets are taking over your home? You aren’t alone! Is family time a real luxury? Is the digital world taking over at home? If you’re struggling to unplug your family, check out these great reasons to unplug!

Sometimes family time is elusive. Everyone is busy with school, work, and after school activities. By the time everyone is home and eaten dinner, it may seem like they hit their smartphones for some downtime.

This leaves the family separate, so you aren’t spending time together at all. What can you do? We put together some tips but first let’s look at why family time is important:

The Benefits of Family Time

Family togetherness is a benefit for everyone. Children and teens who spend more time with their families are less likely to get into trouble in school, and they will often have better grades.

Playing games, eating together, doing fun activities both at home and outside of home help families grow healthy habits.

So, ditch those smartphones and unplug for more together time.

Your kids are learning from you all the time, so model good behavior and spend less time on digital media and more time on your family. After all, the more time you spend with your kids, the more positive influence you will have on them.

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How Can You Unplug with Success?

You’ll find several different ways to make unplugging with your family fun. A few great nights of this, and your kids will look forward to it on a regular basis!

  • Spend time together in your hot tub. You can do any of the following in your hot tub, on your patio, and inside your home.
  • Make it a game: the family that plays together bonds together. Consider board and card games. Look on the internet for fun and unique game ideas. Get creative for tons of fun!
  • Have a hot tub singing contest. Think “Hot Tub Idol.”
  • Start a book club. Have everyone get into the hot tub and use your wireless Bluetooth technology to listen to an audio book. Do consider the ages of everyone and choose your book wisely.
  • Have movie night. Shake things up and have your movie night outside! This might be on an outdoor television, or you can put up a sheet and broadcast a movie onto it. Do this once a week and have a theme.
  • Have a race in the hot tub. Bring out the plastic boats or ducks and have a hot tub race. Have prizes for the winners.
  • Stargaze. Bring out the stargazing books and see how many constellations your family can identify.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than family time. Life is so busy and often stressful, but when you all get together, it makes everything better.

Do schedule your family time. Aim to unplug at least once a week. By scheduling it and putting it in writing ensures you’ll stick to regular family time.

When you incorporate your hot tub into your family night, you’ll have loads of family memories while enjoying the hydrotherapy and the massage! Don’t have a hot tub? Contact us today!

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