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Hot Tubs Help with Physical Therapy

Getting injured isn’t fun for anyone. Whether the injury occurred during a sport, physical activity, or due to aging, it often means a trip to the orthopedic doctor, sometimes surgery, and usually physical therapy.

It can be especially frustrating waiting for your body to heal and feel ready for normal activity again. Not only do you need a lot of patience, but you will find a physical therapist especially helpful on your road to recovery.

Your physical therapist may see you several times a week and assign you homework. This is all meant to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

We’ve also found that many physical therapists recommend daily hot tub soaks. (Please consult with your doctor and your therapist before getting in, though.). This is because hot tubs have many healing properties and the ability to complement your physical therapy.

In this article, we look at how hot tubs help with physical therapy and those stubborn, nagging injuries. Hot tubs can make a difference in your rehabilitation and recovery.

Stretch in Your Hot Tub

When you immerse yourself in a hot tub, the warm water massage helps your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints feel better.

We bet your physical therapist has given you a list of stretching exercises to get you on the road to recovery. You could always do these in your hot tub. You’ll find your muscles are more pliable when you do this in the spa and stretching is easier. The buoyancy of the water allows for less stress on your body and makes it easier to stretch.

Relax in Your Hot Tub

Simply soaking in a hot tub on a daily basis makes you feel better.

Perhaps you are overly stressed about your recovery. You may need to get back to work, a competitive sport, or you may have a family to care for.

Whatever the reason, injuries cause stress, and hot tubs relieve it.

Take the time in your hot tub to breath in and out. See yourself feeling better. Imagine your body working like it used to. Quiet your mind and let your body’s healing powers take over.


Improve Your Healing in Your Hot Tub

When you’re in physical therapy for an injury, your therapist has probably told you it takes time to heal, and to do that, you need to take care of your body.

When you soak in a hot tub, you are doing just that.

Because your body needs to heal itself, it needs good circulation and blood flow to do it. Soaking in a hot tub can improve your circulation which in turn enables your body to heal itself.

Save Money in Your Hot Tub

In addition to all the healing properties of warm water hydrotherapy in your hot tub, using a hot tub helps you get back on your feet faster.

This means you may not need as many physical therapy sessions. So, by using your hot tub and therapy in combination, you may save yourself a bit of money.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of hot tub ownership are many and varied. Whether you’re looking for stress release, overall wellness, family time, relief from sore muscles and joints, hydrotherapy, or massage, you’ll find it all in your hot tub.

If you already have a hot tub, we encourage you to use it more. If you don’t have one, know that there are hot tubs for every budget and lifestyle. From spas that seat two to spas that seat seven, you’ll find it all at Ultra Modern.

Photo by Toralf Thomassen on Unsplash