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Backyard Blogging.

How to Prepare for the Best Hot Tub Experience

Does your stress level have a mind of its own? Do your aches and pains run your life? It sounds like the perfect time for some self care. One of the best ways to do this is right in your own backyard in your hot tub.

Here’s how to prepare for the best hot tub experience right in the comfort of your own backyard. It’s an experience you’ll repeat day after day!

Let’s look at how to invest your self-care time in y our physical, mental, and emotional wellness by planning your simple home spa experience.

Do Your Prep Work

You have to be ready for your spa day. So, you want to take a few steps to get yourself ready and rid yourself of distractions.

  • Clear your schedule.
  • Make the whole day be about your self-care.
  • Put away your phone, tablet, and laptop away where you aren’t tempted to use them (unless you are playing music on them).
  • Stay hydrated with your favorite, healthy drinks.
  • Several days before, check your hot tub and make sure it’s ready.
  • Set out some candles to set the mood for relaxation.
  • Lay out a towel, robe, and lounging clothes for after your soak.
  • Prepare some aromatherapy (only use scents approved for spa use) for its calming and rejuvenating effects.
  • Choose some relaxing music and set it to repeat.
  • Pick out a nice book for once you’re done with your soak.
  • Allow time for deep sleep after your DIY day spa.

How to Prepare for the Best Hot Tub Experience

You’ll find that spending an entire day, or even a couple of hours, dedicated to yourself can leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and renewed.

Leverage Your Soak

There are a few tricks when it comes to really maximizing your spa experience.

  • Take advantage of your jets for a complete massage.
  • Do some gently stretching in your spa after your massage.
  • Let the steam do its magic on your pores.
  • Leave the jets on, lay back, and enjoy the massage.
  • Later, turn the jets off and listen to the outdoor sounds, immersing yourself in nature.

How to Prepare for the Best Hot Tub Experience

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the perfect recipe for the ultimate in relaxation.

Not only will you leave your spa day feeling better, but you’ll be less stressed, and your muscles and joints will feel better.

Take time for yourself on an ongoing basis, and you’ll soon find you’re feeling better every single day.