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Relieve Your Tension Headaches

Do you suffer from chronic tension-type headaches?

A study by Wellington Pain & Headache Clinic shows that sauna bathing can help you relieve your tension headaches and their pain intensity. The study was conducted at the Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here’s how they found a sauna can relieve your tension headaches.

The Study

During the study, 37 patients who suffered from tension headaches were randomly assigned into two groups. One group received advice and education on their condition and ways to treat it. The second intervention group was also given advice and education with the addition of regular sauna attendance for eight weeks.

Subjective pain using the numerical pain rating scale (NPRS) was tracked to see if there was pain reduction with the sauna bathing group. Additionally, sleep disturbances, depression, and measurements from the Headache Disability Index (HDI) were monitored and recorded.

At the end of the study, it was noted that the change in headache intensity with the group participating in sauna bathing was significantly lower compared to the group not using the sauna.

The Conclusion

Regular sauna bathing is a simple, effective treatment for treating tension headaches and experiencing less pain. The study used traditional saunas, but infrared saunas seem to provide similar headache relief.

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Image: r. nial bradshaw