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What Exactly Does a Hot Tub Do for Your Body?

Have you spent time shopping for a hot tub? If so, you’ve probably heard over and over how good they are for you. Yet, you may be asking your self, “What exactly does a hot tub do for your body, or what will it do for mine exactly?”

Turns out the answer is a whole lot.

Let’s look at the myriad ways it is good for you.

Hot Tubs Relieve Joint Pain

Hot tubs can regularly help with your joint pain simply because the water’s buoyancy can take the weight off your joints. Because of this, your spa is great at relieving not only joint pain but arthritis pain.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, when you soak in warm water, you enjoy 360-degree support for sore limbs that can decrease swelling and inflammation and increase circulation. They also note that the effects of a hot tub on your body may continue for a prolonged period after you’ve left the spa.

Hot Tubs Relieve Muscle Soreness

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain and many more from back pain alone.

Thankfully, hot tubs can make us feel better. How? The heat from the hot tub water can help loosen tight muscles and encourage blood flow.

This in turn reduces pain.

What’s more, a hot tub’s powerful jets provide a massage that’s second to none, relieving much of your tension and discomfort.

This makes your spa a great place before or after a workout!

Hot Tubs Relieve Stress and Anxiety

If you’re like most of us, you are stressed out at least once during the week, and oftentimes much more.

This takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical health.

But, hop into your spa, and the stress starts to melt away. The combination of water water hydrotherapy and being in the outdoors is quite therapeutic.

In much the same way, your anxiety levels lower as well. When you use your LED lights and listen to calming music, you enhance your overall well-being even more.

Hot Tubs Help You Sleep

Nearly three-fourths of us don’t get enough sleep.

You already know that a warm bath helps young children go to sleep. The same holds true for adults.  A 20-minute soak in your hot tub before bed can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Final Thoughts

You know fully understand some of the most important benefits of a spa and just what it can do for your body. We encourage you to schedule a test soak with us so you can try it out on your own! Experience the warm water massage, the powerful jets, and the comfort of the water.

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