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What You Need to Know About a Hot Tub Cover

Whether you own a hot tub now or are thinking about buying one, it’s important to note that your cover is vital to your overall hot tub experience.

When your hot tub comes to mind, you think about the perfect spot in the yard, the crystal clear sparkling water, the incredible massage jets, and spending time either alone or with loved ones. Your hot tub cover probably isn’t top of mind, but it should be.

Why? It’s what keeps your hot tub clean of debris, energy efficient, and saves money on your electric and water bills.

To help you keep your hot tub top of mind, here’s what you need to know about a hot tub cover.

How does a hot tub cover lower your electric bill?

Hot tub manufacturers design covers to hold the heat in your hot tub. Even in the coldest temperatures, hot tub covers keep your water hot so you can use your spa at any time. Regular use is key to maximum enjoyment!

It’s more energy efficient to keep your spa up to temperature because it’s much more expensive to reheat the water after it cools down, so this is how a hot tub cover lowers your electric bill.

How does a hot tub cover lower your water bill?

You might remember from chemistry class that when you heat water, some of it turns to steam. This gas then escapes into the atmosphere. When your hot tub is uncovered for long periods of time, a lot of the water escapes as steam.

When you keep your hot tub covered when it’s not in use, the steam condenses back into the water.

A hot tub cover saves you money because you aren’t constantly adding new water.

How do you maintain a hot tub cover?

  • When dirt accumulates, hose the cover off or wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.
  • Use a Cover Shield product to clean, shine, and protect your spa cover. It also helps your cover resist fading, stains, and dirt.
  • If you notice the exterior of your cover developing a musty smell, discoloration, or mold spots, this may be a sign of improper water chemistry. Contact us for a free water test.
  • Always keep your cover clean of debris – gently remove leaves, snow, or ice that has accumulated on your spa cover.

How do I know if I need a new cover?

You want to look your hot tub cover over occasionally. Look for any of the following signs that you need a new cover:

  • Check to see that the edge of the hot tub surface and the cover are in direct contact all the way around. It should form a tight seal.
  • Look for tears.
  • Does your cover seem heavier than normal when you try to open it? If so, replace it.
  • Check to see if it is sagging or has puddles on the top.
  • Is there mold, or are there other stains?
  • Does your cover smell musty?
  • Check to see if your cover is cracked or brittle.
  • The straps and locks don’t work.

How long does a hot tub cover last?

The life of your cover depends on the conditions it encounters. If you clean your cover, treat it, maintain proper water chemistry, and keep the top free of debris, it will last longer. In addition, if you live in a climate with extreme weather, your cover may suffer.

The bottom line is that it depends on the cover’s care, where the hot tub is placed outside, and the climate.

Are all covers the same?

There are definite quality differences in the range of covers you can buy. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is quite true.

Better covers provide a tight seal to lock in heat and may even include child safety locks and plates fora cover lifter.

What is a hot tub cover lifter?

There are many reasons why a hot tub cover lifter is regarded as an essential accessory for your hot tub. The most important reason is this:

  • A cover lifter makes it easy for one person to fold the cover back and out of the way. It’s almost effortless. This means you enjoy your hot tub more.

With a spa cover lifter, you can be in your spa in seconds, enjoying all the benefits of a daily, 20-minute soak. So…is a lifter really necessary? We think so.

Final Thoughts

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