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Backyard Blogging.

Where Should You Put Your Above Ground Pool?

You want your new above ground pool where?

We’ve heard some pretty far out ideas over the years! Seriously, though, the answer to the question, “Where should you put your above ground pool?” is an important one to consider. Let’s look at your options.

Step #1: It Goes in Your Backyard

Yes, your backyard is the perfect spot for your new pool.

Why? First, you have a private backyard. Second, your backyard is a safer place for your swimming pool because it usually has a fence, and it’s safe from inquisitive neighborhood children.

Lastly, your backyard is where you do your entertaining, playing with kids, grilling, relaxing, and more. Most often, you can watch your backyard from a kitchen window, making it the ideal spot for gazing at the clear water.

Step #2: It Goes Where the City Says It Can

Do you know your city regulations on pool placement? Oftentimes your local or state government has regulations on where you can put your pool.

You’ll find that setbacks from your side of the property, the back of your property, and your house vary. They often range from zero to 15 feet away depending on your city.

The only way you’ll know for sure where to put your pool is by checking with your local city government.

Step #3: It Goes Where It’s Easy to Get To

If your pool isn’t easy to get to, you probably won’t use it.

Put the walkway to your pool on an easy course from your patio door or back door. Consider a direct line from patio door to pool. You’ll also want to put your pool on a path where you can see it from inside your house so you can keep a watchful eye on swimmers if you need to be inside.

Step #4: It Goes in the Sun

We’ve seen many people put their above ground swimming pool under a grove of trees, only to be very disappointed at how much cleaning they needed to do on a daily basis. This is because they were constantly cleaning leaves out of their pool.

Where you put your pool also depends on the location of your trees. You don’t want any branches hanging over your pool unless you want to be doing  extra cleaning.

But, trees do serve a purpose, and that’s to offer a little shade for swimmers. So, having some trees in close proximity can lend a little shade a certain times of the day.

Bottom line – the best spot for your pool is under direct sunlight with some shade options on your patio and in your backyard.

To Conclude

In addition to all of the above, you want to consider your above ground pool part of the large picture of your backyard. For example, will you add a hot tub, swing set, deck, or patio in the future? Consider their location in your final pool placement.

Another thing to think about is whether you’ll add a deck to your above ground pool as this has some bearing on placement.

Above all, enjoy your above ground pool and spend many summer days enjoying it with friends and family!

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