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Getting Started with Hot Tub Yoga

Hot tub yoga works!

Taking care of your mind and body and managing aches and pains sounds like a great idea. Sometimes, though it can be hard to manage all three.

When it comes to yoga, you’ll find that practicing yoga exercises can provide release and relief from sore muscles and joints. When combined with hot tub hydrotherapy, it’s a win-win situation.

By using both yoga and your hot tub, you engage all your senses and enhance the benefits of both – the warm water massage and yoga.

Because you’re doing yoga in the water, it’s low impact as the water supports your weight. The warm water also enhances your stretch while providing you complete relaxation.

In this article, we look at how to get started with hot tub yoga and how you can use it for a better, happier life.

Approach with Mindfulness

As you begin your hot tub yoga session, you want to concentrate on being aware and gentle with your body. Stay away from any positions that cause you pain and discomfort.

Practice your poses before doing them for real. Once you’re comfortable with them, feel free to add your hot tub jets.

To start, sit comfortably in your hot tub with your feet on the floor. Make sure you have enough space to move your upper body freely.

Close your eyes. Enjoy the feeling of the water moving around you. Slowly move your spine, pushing against the water. Start with small movements and gradually get bigger. Bring the movements up from toes to finger tips. Then, become still again the water.

You’re now ready for yoga.

Getting Started with Hot Tub Yoga

Flowing Spinal Twist

Take a few long, slow breaths and sit up straight. Stretch both arms out in front of you, then cross your right arm over your left. Bend both arms and reach your hands to touch opposite shoulders as if you’re giving yourself a hug. Let your shoulders relax, even as your spine stretches long. Keep hugging yourself as you gently twist from side to side. Look over your left shoulder as you twist to the left and over your right shoulder as you twist to the right. After a few repetitions, come back to the center. Gently bring your arms to your sides, letting them flow through the water, and relax.

When you’re ready, repeat the exercise, but this time cross your left arm over your right, hugging yourself in the same way as before. Sit up tall and twist from side to side again. Then settle in the center, slowly unwind, and let the water relax you.

Buoyant Staff Pose

Inhale and exhale at a regular, smooth pace. Position yourself in the hot tub so that you’re sitting comfortably at a 90-degree angle, with your back straight, your legs outstretched, and your heels on a seat. If you’re able, stretch your back up even taller, lengthening the muscles that connect throughout your entire back body.

Keep your back straight, fold at your hips, and bring your heart closer to your knees. Rest your hands on your legs and bend your knees a bit if the stretch is too intense in your legs. Now, breathe smoothly, let the warm water soothe your challenged muscles, and hold the pose for five to 10 long breaths (or longer) to let the stretch deepen. When done, slowly walk your hands up your legs, unfold your back, and bring your feet back down to the hot tub floor.

Heart-Opening Flow

Sitting tall with your feet on the floor, stretch both arms out in front of you with palms pressed together, just under the water. Drop your chin slightly to gently stretch the back of your neck. Then press the back of each hand against the water as you open your arms, stretching wide. Let your chest expand, and tip your chin up and forward slightly to stretch the front of your neck for a least a few full breaths.

As you continue this sequence, exhale as you tilt your head down and bring your arms together, and inhale as you sweep your arms out again, head tipped up.

Grounded, Cross-Legged Twist

From a relaxed, seated position, take a few natural breaths. Cross your right leg over your left, keeping your left foot on the floor of the hot tub. Set your right hand on the seat behind you and reach your left hand over your right thigh. Reach up through the top of your head to lengthen your spine and twist slowly to the right, looking over your right shoulder, if comfortable. Hold for three relaxed breaths, then face forward and uncross your right leg.

Set up in the same way, but this time cross your left leg over your right and repeat the rest of the sequence.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is all about being mindful in the moment and using slow, methodical exercises to relax your mind and body while stretching your muscles and joints.

It takes time to get comfortable with yoga exercises, and by doing them in your hot tub, you’ll also enjoy the relaxing, stress-free experience.

Practice daily and make hot tub yoga part of your daily wellness and exercise routine. You’ll soon be more flexible, energetic and peaceful.

Exercises from our friends at Caldera Spas.