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Getting Started with Hot Tub Yoga

Hot tub yoga works!

Taking care of your mind and body and managing aches and pains sounds like a great idea. Sometimes, though it can be hard to manage all three.

When it comes to yoga, you’ll find that practicing yoga exercises can provide release and relief from sore muscles and joints. When combined with hot tub hydrotherapy, it’s a win-win situation.

By using both yoga and your hot tub, you engage all your senses and enhance the benefits of both – the warm water massage and yoga. (more…)

Stretching and Yoga in the Hot Tub? Yes!

You already know that soaking in your hot tub has multiple benefits.

From muscle relief, to relaxation, to increased circulation, pain reduction, and more family time, warm water hydrotherapy just keeps on giving. This is especially true if you take advantage of your spa every day.

Today, we look at stretching and yoga in the hot tub because these are two more ways for you to leverage your hot tub benefits!

First, let’s look at some benefits: (more…)