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Backyard Blogging.

Labor Day Party Tips in Your Backyard Retreat

Labor Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to set your party planning into high gear!

With Covid on everyone’s minds still in 2021, you want to take a few extra precautions, but since you’re enjoying the outdoors, it will be much safer!

You have plenty of time to plan your party. If you’re planning a safe, socially-distanced party for the Labor Day holiday, here’s a refresher on party planning and safety tips! Let’s look at Labor Day party tips in your backyard retreat in your pool, swim spa, or hot tub.

Hosting a Labor Day party during Covid times takes some planning, but you can still have a wonderful time while celebrating American workers and having an extra day off.

One of the most important things to think about is safety.

Water Safety for Labor Day

Whether you have a swimming pool, Endless Pool swim spa, or hot tub, there’s always a chance for an accident in the water. You can prevent it, though, by sharing rules with your guests and encouraging safe behavior. Here are our basic rules:

  • Appoint an adult Water Watcher to watch over the pool, swim spa, or hot tub to keep everyone safe.
  • Show everyone a separate area to keep their clothing and belongs to stay safe during COVID.
  • Encourage swimmers to rinse off before getting in the water as lotion and body oils affect the water quality.
  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Offer pool noodles, life jackets, and water wings for kids/adults who can’t swim.
  • Explain no running on the pool deck, no diving or jumping into the swim spa or hot tub, or shallow end of the pool.
  • Don’t push anyone in to the water.
  • Keep all glass containers away from the water.
  • Set hand sanitizer out and ask swimmers to use it before getting in the water if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Don’t forget to point out to your water users that swimming is safe during COVID-19 as specified by the CDC.

What's So Great About an Endless Pool

Plan Your Food Menu

The centerpiece of your Labor Day party is your menu.

This is usually your last party of the summer, so use it to celebrate American spirit with a menu of everyone’s favorite backyard BBQ food.

Have plenty of meat and veggies grilled on the grill, add some sides like potato and pasta salads, as well as dessert, fruit like watermelon and fresh berries.

TIP: Our favorite COVID tip is to put everything in single servings so your party-goers aren’t sharing utensils or touching other food. Individual drink servings are also a great idea. And, don’t forget the recycling bins!

hot tubs

Decorate for the Red, White, and Blue

This is your chance to celebrate the USA with red, white, and blue decor. While you can certainly incorporate these colors into your serveware and decorations, you can also set out red, white, and blue beach balls and pool noodles.

Don’t Forget the Lawn Games

Not everyone wants to swim. A great idea to keep people active and socially distanced is to set out some old fashioned lawn games like croquet and bocce ball.

Set something out for the kiddos, too, and everyone can enjoy time outside the water as well.

Take Care of Your Water

Don’t forget to attend to your swimming pool, swim spa, and hot tub water. Your friends and family want fresh, clean, and safe water.

Bring us a sample of your water to avoid any last minute issues with cloudy or green water. Our computerized Alex system can tell you just what you need!